Saturday, February 25, 2017

eyes are the window into the soul

2017 This is defiantly not everything...i probably could do PAGES of these cause variations on eyes can be so subtle good luck people deciphering my handwriting hahah XD

2001 these are very much sailor moon eyes from the anime :P
2002 I was very proud of this i drew a bunch of different eyes
from different animes and cartoons as a reference for ideas

I think i read this how to draw manga book
and replicated this first image about gender/age eyes...
the second image with the heads
is another eye study me drawing
different eyes that i liked at the time

eye designs for my character isabell, realistic / cartoony
influenced by make up

at the rate i'm going i'm so going to BLAST past the number of posts i did in 2016 and it's only February...


first created 12/13/16 keep editing***
anyway TANGENT TIME for style similairities + laura callaghan +

here is another grouping of psychedelic..intense colors i suppose i'm talking about superphazed older work not newer

This group is pretty realistic in anatomy, SMOOTH shading, pretty girls, clean lineart, even line, anime influenced but realistic.... and (i actually have always thought cusd and skopt are the same person one account for male drawings other for female drawings their style is so similar) + jen bartel +
and + I love asiulus everything they do i favorite! i feel like these two are similar in style and honestly any one of these comparisons if i spent more time researching i could find more artists that are part of this "style" like this artist or ANOTHER PAIR two artists similar style..even.....Gemma Flack and lets not forget about i kinda want to put mel stringer here in this little group but not all of her stuff is like theirs... ? i think it's the round faces, noses, lips similar styles....
these also are related in my mind.... and mostly alot of fukari's older stuff

and then there is this grouping very related the last group but a little bit more realistic? they use colored lines? but they do feel joined... stylistically i feel like these are related... both good O_O and of course gotta have this artist too

(even loish is inspired by others Disney to name one) Loish has inspired lots but heres one pretty carbon copy... another one  * *   *   * i feel like this group is heavy into the thick upper eye look or big eyes...stars...lots of shines

This pair style is not that similiar but they bounce of each other so much with drawing each other characters i think it's fun to see the result and * (her animals) * * this rounded feet, nose animals are very popular if i spent more time i could find more examples these are just some of my favorites i love catsparkles this artists some what reminds me of ....Zambi not really tho but it's the anime look i suppose
even zambie and cat sparkles fall under the last group a bit too maybe but i think she is got a little more complex shading style..:P it's eyes that connect them i suppose and lineart and and which could all be related to + but maybe she had seen some anime/manga LOL ;p and jawlines, eyes, lips similar

this group is into neon colors and black lines some what minimalist and and + robin eisenberg and
the gender transformations and rounded style clue dog has a very different technique then the other two but subject mater very much the same and i feel like its a take off from
speaking a Mignola... this guy style is very similar but they all were probably inspired by Frank Miller.. and their comic styles

Another grouping... + (her comic style) + This group is a simple but very realistic style + (actually shortfury is least like the rest her faces are similar to these other artists but not her LINE style) + (i feel like lately sloane is experimenting with a more i would say patrick kyle/ michael deforge style cartoony simple stuff which those are two artsits that belong to a whole another style and there so many more besides them)but anyway some what flat faces , very detailed + heza kay style reminds me of Sloane

Cause i mentioned them in the last group I call this group, strange flat colors backgrounds, simple lines, cartoony, indie,
Patrick Kyle + Michael Deforge + Dominic kesterton +

Rose Bousamra + Britt Sabo + Sally Cantirino I feel like this style is very influenced by the brush

Celine Loup  + Angie Wang + bianca bagnarelli  + + Kim Salt call this grouping editorial style, popular style for magazine illustrations... you could possibly even put Jillian Tamaki in this grouping......ROUNDED faces

lets back out to the bigger picture here people,,, all these artists are related in use of lines to make their drawings and materials so ha :P Also i selected them all so i have some interest in these styles or artists. So slightly biased,,,also i noticed a majority of them are women O_O

Friday, February 17, 2017

self portrait

amy colored it :P looks good! 
drawn from one of the photos i took this...a speed paint

>_> oh dear THIS SONG
2Live Crew - Me So


amy sent me this sketch she made of the middle guy 
and i was like i need to ink this muhahaha
i added the cult member/wizards 
i made this before she finished her sketch haha XD
I can go too far sometimes poor amy