Saturday, December 4, 2021

Geo Grid Sketchbook 2020

Sketchbook Tour PDF July 2020- January 2021⭐

Finally! A new sketchbook tour I've been trying to fill the books up more before I photograph and retire them. This book has 95 pages, started in July of 2020 but  drawn in until January 2021. This book is kinda censored cause it contains thumbnails for CTL, Silverhoof concept work and other projects.  Plus lots of cool sketches hosted via google drive! 😄💕💣

Here's some of my favorite pages:

Friday, December 3, 2021

Taken by storm

sketch mashup!


Favorite songs ATM

Joe Jackson- Steppin' out. Youtube I dunno why but i've listened to this one too much

Webcomic Recommendations (best read lately)

Atnomen by ilustrAriane on Webtoons  (rated R)

Now I haven't seen a good rendition of gargoyles since the 90's cartoon but I love this revival it's so simple but it works. Ya need to get on this boat with me cause it's grey scale!! Pumped to read this...felt inspired HELL YES! keep it up!!! 

The Loving Reaper by Jenny Jinya on Webtoons 

I follow this comic on Instagram some of these hurt to read like I'm bawling my eyes out but Jenny Jinya does a great job bringing concepts to your plate that have real substance. Read this comic!

 4 Panel Horror by Karl Kwasny on Tapas 

Really creative for the amount of panels used! They do a great job surprising you by the last panel! Props! 

The Devil's Trill by SarahN 

SarahN works is great they made another comic called Daniel which i've sure i've talked about before, this is their new comic and its shaping up great! :D recommend all their work, if you love creepy stuff!


Saturday, November 6, 2021


Most memorable content consumed was The Night Mother by Mel Gillman they made this for 24 hour comic book day on October 1st! I really enjoyed that one of the characters was dealing with child loss and the concept of the story was interesting.  

I was kinda bummed I missed 24 hour comic day, but technically I could still do this. Nobody out there going to police that, if you want to use that challenge as inspiration for creating go for it.

Comics Awards 2021 

I like to keep up with the awards, its a great way to keep up with trends and discover new artists. 


Comic Artist Shoutout


Interesting stuff I found

Subscribestar an alternative to patron this is really cool its a pdf release of art done by mid century mod animators in the 50's for ads and concept work
I've also watched a lot of videos about old amusement parks and attractions Youtube Channel : Defunctland and Youtube Channel: Yesterworld Entertainment it's really fun to see footage on old attractions that you can't visit anymore and learn about their history. Also watched a series on Chuckie Cheese and that focused on their history and animatronics! Chuck E Cheese Removed Him But The King Is I love the passion this guy has for animatronics. Which omg I love this stuff it's so interesting! Also this - Submechanophobia-youtube!

One time i went to a live performance by Captured by Robots which is a rock band that uses animatronics! IT WAS AWESOME, just love the showmanship and concept of this band.


Thursday, November 4, 2021

scheming and plotting

 Hello internet friends and bots!

I've been AFK for awhile because I moved! Which that was a big ordeal! The older I get the more stuff I have...I can't tell you how many boxes I moved that had books and paper! WHY does paper have to be so heavy when its in a cardboard box?  💪 On the plus side my muscles are stronger now. 

Also I've been pretty excited cause I've been searching for a job! My son is riding the bus now, I feel confident that I can join the workforce instead of doing mom freelancing! 😉 Interviewing has made me a bit nervous but I really hope someone will take a chance on me cause I have lot to give and offer!


Abba-Take a chane on

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Sketchbooktour and Substack Review


Testing out Substack what I can or can’t do with this platform! Substack is the modern blogger. I still use Blogspot; what can I say, I’m a creature of habit but Blogger isn’t Google’s favorite. Google acquired Blogger in 2003 but really stopped giving attention to Blogger in about 2010’s for the longest time there was almost zero updates. Recently in 2020 Google updated Blogger to be mobile friendly but users lost some functions and tools which was kinda a bummer. Blogger could be updated to be what Substack is trying to be if Google put some effort into it. One thing I will say that Substack lacks that Blogger's still got is PERSONALIZATION aka CoLoR! Why is every place on the internet just a white….space…

PST- they do allow you edit the background color and some small template edits but kinda minor :/

So lets spice this place up with some art! Here is some pages from my Ipad sketchbook made in 2020 to 2021

Substack doesn't have quick edit to photos such as “large, medium, small” but they have a resize tool in the bottom right hand corner of each image or use advanced editor mode

Can only upload jpgs or pngs but no pdfs :/ bummer

You can check out the full sketchbook by clicking the google drive link !


Thanks everyone! 💖

PS- So this post was originally made on Substack i just copy pasted and edit for blogger 💩

You can read the substack version here