Saturday, August 8, 2020

Fell off the edge of the planet

Took a month break, cause I went to Minnesota to visit my family. My Aunt is dying of lung cancer and my parents are getting old they were born in the 50's, my dad's health hasn't been that great the last couple of years. :( You're probably thinking COVID?!?! Yes, I did quarantine at my sister's home and wore masks everywhere before I went to visit the old folks. The thought of saying goodbye to them has been looming in the back of mind. I do get along with both of my parents pretty well. I use to have hang ups about their parenting mistakes but ever since I've become a parent, I realized that parents are just people, trying to do their best and nobody is perfect. While this is no excuse, you should try to do and be your best for your children, love them for who they are, not who you want them to be.

Minnesota is prettier than Arizona, gosh it's so damn hot here. My kid was riding his bike when he fell on the black tar street, it only took him a few seconds to start screaming, "It's HOT, MOMMY!!" He pulls his hands off the street but is still screaming when he realizes he has to put his hands back on the ground to stand up. Reluctantly he stood up quickly; everything happened so fast. I couldn't help but laugh but did try to console him about the hot street.

This reminds me of another story, last year I took him to Minnesota during the winter time, and my sister had gotten him a whole winter set, but he wouldn't keep his mittens on. We eventually gave up trying to put them back on. This was his first time in the snow. Outside he sees a big pile of snow; I tried to warn him, "it's gonna be cold!" but he just dives hands first. Instantly, he starts screaming and crying. Quickly I took him inside, washed his hands with warm water. Later my sister and I were giggling about it, I'm sure we did something similar as children but don't remember it.

Anyway, it felt good to step back from social media. Social media is super distracting and a bit draining for me BUT I do like to stay updated. The problem is the amount of time I spend doing that seems out of balance with the rest of my responsibilities and goals. So, I will have to try to step back more.

Best movies I watched while gone:

Time on this earth is finite. I keep thinking about my Aunt, it was really nice that she is able to say goodbye to her family, reach old age, and come to some terms with the end. Instead of being torn from this world. Life just goes by too fast. It reminds me of that saying, "Get busy living or get busy dying."

Friday, June 26, 2020

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The Future of Comics

Going AFK not going to have access to internet for july…which is ok, I need a break X_X

Hmmmm, I'm wondering what I'm going to do next, I've completed 3 short comics projects this year I'm a little tired. Decided to discontinue posting CTL on webtoons at the start of chapter 3, since I spend about 1-2 hours every Thursday to create the mobile format. Click Track Lolita, will continue to update at theduckwebcomics.

+small friendly community !
+when a comic is updated your comic icon is displayed on the front page for some time.
+able to upload the print version no formatting necessary.
+using a mobile browser is legible and user friendly
=time is valuable

Instead, I'd like to use that time working a new project to release. I have 3 different ideas that are bouncing around in my head that will be fun to work on in a bit more relaxed timeline. Also debating on in the future, I should format comics for instagram in the square format making a comic only account. I should try this but one big draw back is that instagram is in chronological order so the beginning; you'll have to scroll to the bottom.  :/

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Cup of Tea Anthology on Indiegogo

Earlier this year I made a short comic written by Jens Richard for anthology called My Cup of Tea all the stories are focused on tea! :D It's a really nice anthology please consider supporting the fundraiser if you would like to read or own a copy! 

Wednesday, June 3, 2020


 I hope everyone is doing well!
:( It's a turbulent time in history!
Stay strong!

I made this for my webcomic, Click Track Lolita 
 cool but simple

I also made this Gif for Superpose Solider 
again super simple symbol tween! I'm just dipping my toe in!
Honestly I'd really like to make some bigger animation projects in the future! After I finish Superpose Solider I might just do that! These have a similar color palette :/ I need to expand my color palette choices but overall happy with the results :3

The dream was a bout a little girl with pigtails who had found a 70's orange refrigerator in her basement. She opened it to find a tunnel, she crawled through it; on the other side was a room that lead through another room after another room, long hallways, then she meet another person standing in an empty room who wanted to play. At first it was fun but something was off about this person they wanted the little girl to stay forever. She tried to go back but they got angry and stopped her, locking the refrigerator door with a padlock and hid key. The little girl was now trapped on the wrong side of the door, and the person turned into a monster with a lobster claw that demanded this little girl play all day and be their friend forever. One day she was playing hide and seek with the monster and she ran to the cabinet where the monster had hid the key,  she broke in to steal the key, then with the key in hand ran back down the hallway and rooms to get to the room with the  small orange refrigerator. When she found it she was in a panic, quickly she unlocked the padlock and took the lock with her inside back through the tunnel, when reached the other side she used the padlock to lock the refrigerator on her side of the world. Shortly after she locked it the refrigerator door starting banging and she ran away hiding the key in a place where no one would find it. 
This dream reminds me of Alice in wonderland or Coraline I need to draw a picture of the characters cause it was pretty vivid dream. the rooms also reminded me of my an apartment building 3517 my dad use to have.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Youtube Artists

Random digital doodle

Ethanbecker Channel
Ethan please smoke that cigarette or trash it!!! XD he must've lipped that cigarette to death, gross lol

Best advice/ NOTES:
-be conscious of your mistakes/ break down photos
-make cross then copy paste, rotate then again and again STAR THINGY!

Gesture drawings:
-spine is two straight lines
-using the mask

DrawWithJazza Channel
I also like this guy I like his tutorials and diversity of video ideas

ColorwithKurt Channel
Great comic coloring tutorials 

Creepshowart channel
if you like youtube drama and art this channel might be for you

RIP tumblr fyeahartstudentowl  
so many memes lost T_T you were a good blog


The Secret Darker Art of Dr.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

platform comics 10K Challenge

lol I already have lots of to do but then I saw that Platform Comics was running a comic challenge to draw a short comic in 7 days!
I've got help tho! James Smith is my collaboration partner he's drawing it, he asked me awhile ago to do a collab I said, sure! I like to try to do stuff that I think will be worth making a comic for. I've known James from Deviantart/jhames34 I'm writing, coloring, and letters! He's inks and design! 

They didn't tell me the theme till it started :/
I GOT SUBMARINE~!  What the!!???
You also have to include one line of dialogue and it has to be 4-8 pages long. I had to research, you know what I found? Submarines aren't popular in comics. No, I only found like two webcomics about them! 
This is the best one, it is really cute <3

My favorite submarine movies are Sphere and Yellow Submarine...I need to watch 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea but I read the summary ha! I had a hard time thinking of something cool, and I learned a lot about submarines and their history...hahah :o) Overall, I'm happy with the outcome!

PAGE 1! enjoy!

Sunday, May 17, 2020

webcomics angels and demons

Angel Webcomics Christianity
Angels Power By Amélie Hutt 
Angel's power is probably my favorite!!! It has wonderful art and i like the unique take on the story!
Angels quest By marycrispies
Halfwing by Jeremy walker
Angel Sancutary by Kaori Yuki
This one defiantly inspired me as a teen, love the story and art! Also the soundtrack is super good!
For Love by Alan Capes this one has both demon and angels love story :D
Beneath the Ark by Orangeplum


MISC Angel inspiration 
Obviously any classical art!
Angelarium by Peter Mohrbacher
unique series of paintings devoted to angels
Michael Cooper -painter
he also does some very cool angel/demon work

Favorite Angel Movies
The Prophecy

 I really want to make an angel graphic novel. I had some ideas for one when i was a teenager but i've totally put that idea on the back burner but would love to go back to it. Above is some art I did for it in 2006. For sure i would redesign most of the characters and simplify the plot ideas possibly re title it... :? I also would like to make a comic in...a screen cap style i think this one would be really cool to do it with

Angel/bird Race Webcomics:
Avibus By CRFahey
Avialae By Lucid NSFW
White Noise by Adrien Lee
Hell Hounds by Sleepingpoppy
Step Aside By Orange Savannah
The Croaking by Megan Stevenson
Little Garden Comics by Darryl Ayo Brathwaite
This one includes angels/bird races, demons, and other monster inspired races

HONESTLY I would argue DEMONS are more popular than Angels at the moment...demon summoning using pentagram, demon boyfriend/girlfriend/ slave, possessed by demon, inner demons

Demons Webcomics
Kill 6 Billion Demons by Tom Parkinson-Morgan 
This one is super good it also include angels and lots of religious icons *****
Soul to Call by Katherine Rommie Lang
Ava's Demon by Tinypaint
Verse by Sam Beck
Lies within by byelacey
Demon For Hire by mimi Leblanc
Undivine by Ayme Sotuyo
Casual Hex by Ria Martinez, Taneka Stotts, Genue Revuelta
Hellbound by Ahmar Smith
my Best Friend Marneao by Elautor
Fuzzy by Niuniente
Enokan by Apollo
Heart Hex by Tendermiri
 The Devil's Comic by Suitboxers
Demonology by Ann-Joanne
Demonology 101 by Faith Erin Hicks
MIssummon by Sharpibees
Honey and Venom by Kurzz
Black Pupil by Tub
Satan and Me by Orangeplum


1.This dream took place in Victorian times or early 1900's featured a rich heiress, who was being held up by a group of soldiers during a revolution. They entered her house and started ransacking all her things, she was able to escape to another house on her estate but they followed her. They forced her to the basement where they found a tomb of her relatives. They were stealing from the tomb when they knocked open one of the coffins which housed a decaying body of her great grandfather who started to wake up disgruntled. He bit a soldier killing them, then attacking the rest of the soldiers each time getting stronger, his hair some facial features came back, but he was still half dead. The heiress was terrified to find out her relative was a vampire and she was not.  Now she was trapped in this house with her undead grandfather besides the fireplace.

2. I was at my sister's house and trying to get inside but her yard was covered in alligators and disfigured kittens, some where dead some where alive. Trying to pass through the yard these animals were trying to attack me. A cat grabbed my leg and clawed deep into the skin as I tried desperately to pry it away. Finally I got it free from my body and tossed it into the yard as an alligator gobbled it up, I ran inside shutting the door.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Sketchbook Tour 2012 AND 2019

So last summer I was in Minnesota and wanted more paper to draw on so I went into my storage bins of old sketchbooks! I picked one that was kinda bare and decided to fill it out! What I considered finished in 2012 is much white space bah!! Honestly I would like to finish more of my old sketchbooks so I don't have to buy new ones...cause having to store and care for the amount of sketchbooks I have is...starting to get a little crazy. Either that or I need to start throwing them away! >_< THAT'S BLASPHEMY!!

This is kinda a fun sketchbook at the time I was working on The Lindorm King a comic  part of the Once Upon A Time Anthology :D there's lots of sketches related to that!

This document contains what I drew in 2019! If you look at both PDFs you'll know what drawings were added :? but I know it's a lot of drawings!

here's some of my favorites!

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Webtoons Short STory Contest!

We posted the first episode! PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!
The judges grade 30% on audience interaction! So any help is much appreciated! <3

I've decided to submit to Webtoons SHort Story Contest! I remember when the last one rolled around and it was something I found out too late to submit to but i reviewed a lot of the submissions last time which was fun! At first, I was hesitant because UGH, trying to think of something that fit in the topic was kinda hard!!! Then I didn't really feel like trying to cram all that work of creating a full color comic all by myself! So I posted on some forums trying to find a partner! Because i thought HOW FUN would it be to submit and not have to do so much work! Also the other person will get to submit with help as well! You know two heads are better than one deal! Also making comics solo can get a little lonely!!!
I'm happy to announce my submission partner is Hannah Deards! aka Bishmuth 
So far i'm REALLY excited about the work we've made together! I've made a new friend in the process too YAY! :D  Bishmuth has a comic on tapas called Fragments which I recommend you check out!

Bishmuth is doing the Character Designs, Inks, and Colors!
This is Hannah's inks over my thumbnails! So cool!
 Here's a screen cap that shows what i provided, my roles are writing/script, thumbnailing, letters, and formatting I plan on making it Webtoons format and a print format.

 Bishmuth's character designs:
Bishmuth is from Wales so I decided to set the comic there and Bishmuth helped me edit the dialogue so it has an authentic voice! XD HEHE
I did provide one design, Biz the Alien. I tend to draw something first then write about it and i really liked this design and I wanted to bring it to life. Here is Bishmuth's rendition:
OVERALL i would love to make more projects like this in the future! I want to make more comics with other comic artists. I am very open to what roles I play in the creation process too.  I like how collaborating creates this wonderful comic that I would've never been able to do on my own!  *-*

Anyway i'll keep ya posted about the release dates!! Hopefully you'll check it out and let me now what you think on Webtoons!

Saturday, April 11, 2020

next post

#AUTOMATA - Search this in Youtube! I spent too much time watching videos about antique Automatas THEY ARE SOO COOL AND CREEPY!
CBS Sunday Morning - Lost art of Automatons alive again
“Interlude” - French Automata from The Gail Cook Collection Part 1
I watched the other parts in this series by Theriault's Dolls really interesting
I want to visit this place now

Youtube stars? Yeah I've been also watching reviews on famous Youtubers most of them I have no idea who they are but now i kinda know? even the reviews get a bit....OH HOW DARE THEY DO THIS?! Yes, sometimes they are doing cringe-y things for clout but it's so much drama, they said this and that.  I am not really into it..

Good thing, I now have some good recommendations from my DA buddy Galdelico for JAPANESE ROBOTS AND HORROR movies so I'll go watch that now and report back!

Ok, I need to make a serious shout out to Skyangel the creator of Simply Sarah! Please check out her comic it's really wonderful, I use to read this comic back in early 2000's. Anyway I decided to return to and I checked my favorite lists many of them were not active anymore but Simply Sarah had just posted and was going strong!!! she has almost 700+ pages! I commented on her comic that it's been 10 + years and I was excited to get caught up! SHE replied saying, she remembered me and called me by name! Needless to say I was floored! Then she reviewed my comic!!  Wow, she's so cool! Simply Sarah's Skyangel really made my day! Thank you!
Here's a sample of the art! I love how classical her style is! wonderful please check it out! 

Random day in the life story:
Me: Loudly sings Frank Sinatra - L.O.V.E to 4 year old with hand signs and dancing!
4 year old: *stares at me in horror* then...manages to say, "oh no"

* life achievement earned*

Nicely  painted comic with unique characters!

Saturday, April 4, 2020


dream 1
I found a dead girl face down in a lake near a dock and I was trying to find her killer all while being so worried the killer would kill me.
I woke up cause it was too stressful.

dream 2
Government had failed, humans were living in an anarchy society. I was traveling down a road and came onto a house surrounded by junk. I was looking for something but trying to avoid the owners. When they saw me they dragged me into their house which had all these rats in cages it smelt terrible. I walked past their open basement door which had a huge dead skinned rat laying on stair case. They were drying fur pelts everywhere. They wanted me to go to the basement but i didn't want to go. They invited me to stay for their fashion show later, I couldn't refuse since I was stuck there. At the show the models were all wearing all these spotty fur pelts over their bodies and there was an air of impending doom for me.

dream 3
I spilled super glue on my new lament floor and when i tried to wipe it up it kept wrecking the floor and it kept getting worse and worse the more i tried to clean it up. 

Tuesday, March 31, 2020


cool collection of comics
really refined work by these students (ps make it full screen)

I'm such a comic junkie, I'm always looking for more, but I get jaded by it all and it gets  hard for me to get sucked into the story because I've seen so much rehashing of ideas and premises. So instead I scour for poses, composition, character perspectives or personalities, techniques, and styles. Although SOMETIMES I get pulled in and read the entire thing then I know the comic did a good job hahah

I can sympathize with this

I LAUGHED for way too long at this

Things I've learned...

yeah, you're probably ok so what? maybe you know? it is old news BUT WAIT I always thought this character was a video game character the other day i connected the dots that she is the anime avatar for vocaloid a music producing software. She performs concerts of popular songs that users have made as a hologram O.o *mind implodes* Lol i need to make a fanart now that i know what she is.
  I watched some review about Hatsune Miku, people were commenting how she is the perfect idol. She can never go crazy, be racist, mess up, grow old, she has all the time in the world for her fans,  fans can manipulate her image, write songs for her, dress up like her, she has no own emotional psych that can be damaged by the demands of being a pop star unlike a human pop star.....Ok wow