Sunday, November 17, 2019

June to July 2019 Sketchbook

A pocket sized sketch book finished over June and July of 2019! This book contains 91 pages! Enjoy! 

OMG!! I paid off my student loans HEY--oooo, it only took me 10 years! Horrible horrible investment...SERIOUSLY I only borrowed 18 K (that is nothing compared to others) the bank/government MADE 9K and some change in INTEREST off my back what a rip off and my loan was the type that it didn't matter if I paid more per month I still had to pay the interest for the principle...6.5 % is some bullshit UGH!  College for art is the biggest rip off in my opinion; just practice, read books, do mentorships, portfolio reviews, or get some online classes for specific skill sets. You'll spend less.

comic memes

MORE comic creator memes cause i can



Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Monday, October 28, 2019

Sketchbook tour sept 2018

Contains 40 pages and was completed April of 2019.
hmmm....seems strange a long time for such a small book i might've been doing other stuff ....

Friday, October 25, 2019


mental health comics

I can't help but feel sad about mental health comics for the single reason that people are drawn to them. I get that they may be relating to the work or the act of making comics helps the artist reflect, which are all positive things but I feel like the suffering is what attracts the readers. If all the reader wants is heartbreaking material, that isn't sustainable for the artist to maintain.
What happens when the artist heals? Will people still want to read it? I hope so,

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

life in general

ahh i got all choked up reading this one
AHHH the break up in this one is hard to witness!!
this is a webcomic hosting website, it seems to have no limit on content ratings

I reloaded my windows media player, unbeknownst to me...that my partners music was added to my music back up EVERY other song is telugu XD  HO YO

Webcomic Finds (i haven't had to time to read yet)  but i like to keep track and go back
To Estel
City Of Cards
The Thief's Heir
Serpents of Old
The Pale
Bad Machinery
Animal Heads


I really like that first album "you can dance" by Madonna!! XD Good reference link A lesser known webcomic host


i decided to make her a long hair albino wolf! this is mid transformation not final form

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Phoenix Zine Fest 2019

I got a table at Phx zine fest! If you are in the area please stop by it's free!!
I love zine fests, i like the diversity of work that attends :D

Sunday, September 29, 2019

digital art quams

I've opened the flood gates of hell...somewhere along the line something went horribly wrong....maybe i updated my Wacom driver from 2013. I've tried multiple driver versions while trying to trouble shoot my crappy tablet...MAYBE I NEED TO BUY A NEW PEN???  it's one of the few things i haven't done. Just looked up a receipt for my intuos4 is from 2009 the first pen broke in 2012 bought a second which is the one I have its 7 years old....hmm maybe but the thing is the tablet works for awhile? then after a short time it turns to a dot crazy pressure satanic possessed tablet...I...reinstalled windows....cause my windows update wasn't working I was convinced that was the problem. OK got windows installed and updates working which hey my computer has more space and seems so happy....and was able to INSTALL A NEW DRIVERS FOR EVERYTHING but it still works terrible...I've tried so many windows options disabled flicks, disabled pen and tablet services, unchecked windows ink, mess around with PS performance, used new and old drivers, disabled tip double click distance, tried different tablet I'm submitting a service request with Wacom maybe they can help??? 

 my redraw of this famous meme it's horrible as you can see HAHA I'm actually so crazied i'm debating on making it part of my style...if you can't beat them join them hahahaha!! Will make great abstract art LOL

HEY there was a hair line crack in the plastic of the pen along the groove that holds the circuit board in place, so i assume what was happening any pressure to the pen was moving the board and causing some errors? I used some super glue to repair the crack and then for extra security i added a tight rubber band to hold the crack together.....OMFG what a pain this has caused me such a small detail...i'll save money and buy a new pen. The plastic is so thin where it broke and the crack is on the plastic seam line as well apart of the groove that holds the circuit board in place; that seems like a bad design. Maybe I'll save and buy a new tablet? instead of a new 60$ pen? $60 can practically buy you a whole new beginner tablet....

My fix doesn't seems to work, Wacom had me do a Diagnostic test on it (I had no idea the wacom software had this option) it doesn't look's reading all wrong for pen tip it's suppose to read 1 when pressed. Mine is reading 1 or 2 or 1,2. Button 2 is working. Button 3 is reading 3 or open when pressed which is not good!!! OH NOES sounds like its time to lay this one to rest....