Saturday, April 4, 2020


dream 1
I found a dead girl face down in a lake near a dock and I was trying to find her killer all while being so worried the killer would kill me.
I woke up cause it was too stressful.

dream 2
Government had failed, humans were living in an anarchy society. I was traveling down a road and came onto a house surrounded by junk. I was looking for something but trying to avoid the owners. When they saw me they dragged me into their house which had all these rats in cages it smelt terrible. I walked past their open basement door which had a huge dead skinned rat laying on stair case. They were drying fur pelts everywhere. They wanted me to go to the basement but i didn't want to go. They invited me to stay for their fashion show later, I couldn't refuse since I was stuck there. At the show the models were all wearing all these spotty fur pelts over their bodies and there was an air of impending doom for me.

dream 3
I spilled super glue on my new lament floor and when i tried to wipe it up it kept wrecking the floor and it kept getting worse and worse the more i tried to clean it up. 

Tuesday, March 31, 2020


cool collection of comics
really refined work by these students (ps make it full screen)

I'm such a comic junkie, I'm always looking for more, but I get jaded by it all and it gets  hard for me to get sucked into the story because I've seen so much rehashing of ideas and premises. So instead I scour for poses, composition, character perspectives or personalities, techniques, and styles. Although SOMETIMES I get pulled in and read the entire thing then I know the comic did a good job hahah

I can sympathize with this

I LAUGHED for way too long at this

Things I've learned...

yeah, you're probably ok so what? maybe you know? it is old news BUT WAIT I always thought this character was a video game character the other day i connected the dots that she is the anime avatar for vocaloid a music producing software. She performs concerts of popular songs that users have made as a hologram O.o *mind implodes* Lol i need to make a fanart now that i know what she is.
  I watched some review about Hatsune Miku, people were commenting how she is the perfect idol. She can never go crazy, be racist, mess up, grow old, she has all the time in the world for her fans,  fans can manipulate her image, write songs for her, dress up like her, she has no own emotional psych that can be damaged by the demands of being a pop star unlike a human pop star.....Ok wow

Saturday, March 21, 2020


XD old art LOL this piece is...13 yrs old omg its a teen XD 
The face is a bit rounded for that last panel...and some anatomy issues but the overall vibe is cool :D

sometimes i look at my old art and think, "have I grown enough since....."

Wednesday, March 18, 2020


too much staying inside make me something something....
*cleans something aggressively* 
I"m making a 7 pg comic to go in an tea anthology for 
This is the first page :-D thinking of using a rough digital brush to tone? Hmmm
I really love making short comics!
preliminary sketch of the characters 

Sunday, March 8, 2020

quick computer doodles

Crystal and Ruby from Jemite Warriors COLORED~ wow I sometimes think i should make episode two!!! i have a cool idea for the bad guy!! IT INVOLVES A DRAGON PRINCESS XD
I'm thinking she is King Rux's "daughter" also a corrupted jemite warrior.
I was going to develop this design a bit more :P 
Will she be able to transform into a dragon? HELL YES! *la la la fantasy land rants*
 I really should change their names? since technically they all own part of the same stone it just has different magical powers for each holder?? I feel like using the cliche' stone names is not cool anymore ugh...EDITING ...but do-able.

The pink haired anime girl i took an old drawing from like 2001 and inked it. Original was just a face but I liked how stylized it was but when i drew the body i was like...ABORT MISSION!!! XD looking at it now i should've made the body more angled??? to match the face.


Wednesday, March 4, 2020


Oh my gosh!
Sorry I didn't post I kinda used the time to internet detox,
but I'm BACK!
The first thing I did when the plane landed in New York, I started to sing myself that song from An American Tale, "There are no cats in America, and the streets are paved with cheese!" 

Traveling isn't really my thing? but I realize I've been fortunate enough to be able to do some travel to know this about myself. I enjoy looking at stuff in photos or books. Long plane rides are no fun. The plane ride is 26 to 32 hours long depending on lay overs. I barely got any sleep in those seats, my butt was so sore, and my ankles were so swollen, but made it back and didn't catch the coronavirus! :D phew! I think the media is blowing that stuff a bit out of proportion but I do think its important to be healthy and wash your hands. 

I went to India for my sister in law Sunitha's wedding, which was really fun to be apart of and witness. In Andhra Pradesh their wedding ceremony has multiple events that take place over many days; once the engagement is accepted.  I was there for the washing and blessing of the bride, where everyone comes to gift the new bride and wish her well by dropping turmeric rice over her head. She goes through many dress changes and finally the women in the groom's family arrive to take her to the place of the ceremony. When Sunitha was lead into the decorated car there was an air of sadness and joy as there was tears in her eyes and my partner's who is her older brother. 

The ceremony was held at a temple outside, we ate a huge meal and the event lasted till midnight so the newly weds could see this significant star in the sky together. From there the couple and the grooms family got into the car to start a pilgrimage to Tirupati a golden temple 13 hours away; to take the offering they received from the priest during the ceremony to god. That trip lasted a couple of days, they returned with prasad they had gotten from the temples they had visited on their trip. 

The next event was the wedding night puja where both families get together and share a non-veg meal which Nag cooked! He worked really hard with his family and made chicken biryani, chicken curry, pulav, and lots of other good stuff. After the meal the couple was lead into this special room they had decorated with a rose petal bed and a table laid out array of sweets and fruits. The couple sat on the bed with hand over each others head as the family gave their blessings and poured turmeric rice over their heads before they shut the doors.

This was fun to be apart because I had seen this in Tollywood movies but not first hand, even though I had an Indian styled marriage but this event did not happen for me, because it's suppose to be hosted by the bride's parents and in the brides home. I really like my in laws I really wish they weren't half way across the world. bah! 

Going to India does make me realize all things that the US does right even though we do have some problems we need to work on. Thank you for the systems of public libraries, parks, garbage services, public bathrooms, rest stops, animal control, and flat roads!!! Also being able to drive a car and walk on the street by myself, that is nice. Now, I'm not saying where I am now it's 100% safe, but in India I had to be escorted everywhere or stay at home. When I did go out or go to the market, I really got a taste of what it's like to be in the minority and how many eyes were on me when I was walking. I got couple of people who wanted to take selfies with me, in retrospect I will say this was only a couple days of my life instead of a everyday reality which I could see how that could have some it down sides. 

My partner got a motorcycle and gave it to his father! I've only been on a motorcycle one other time and it was terrifying. The first time was with my girlfriend's fiancΓ©e and he drove like a bat out of hell and almost threw me from the bike by stopping really fast. Nag use to have a cycle when he lived in India before he came to America, even though it been years since he last drove; he was a good driver, it was a nice way to see the farmland that surround his home town. 

I ate so much good FOod I need diet or exercise. Learned some new recipes?! should i post some recipes?! i think so....

Wednesday, February 5, 2020


I'm leaving the country for a month to visit India. I don't know how much time I'll have to post!! 
Wish me luck! I am nervous to fly over the ocean. T_T

Monday, January 27, 2020

There is no cure

OMG blade he is so cool that intro in the first movie had a profound affect on me! 
Great cast of supporting characters too! AHH I love the sound track! Intense action! I love Frost such a great villain for blade to overcome! and the 90's aesthetic  AHHh
My favorite vampire movies are :
Bram Stokers Dracula 
Interview with a Vampire 
From Dusk to Dawn 
The lost boys 
Vampire Hunter D 

I did watch Twilight years after it released like as a party with my sister we watched all the movies. I will say together they aren't so bad, but I can't get over  the vampires sparkling in the sunlight and edward's weepy attitude...Even bella is annoying until she becomes a vampire...I liked how they did a birth during the movie trilogy that doesn't happen too often LOL i shipped bella with jacob the werewolf!! I do not like when vampires and werewolves exist in same universe and :( werewolves are lesser than vampires! I get they are dogs but come on!!!!! BAHHH~! They did that in Underworld too *pout*

Monday, January 20, 2020

May 2019 Sketchbook Tour

This is a really nice sketchbook in my humble opinion,
I was working on some of my personal projects trying to figure stuff out! Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Click Track Lolita on Webtoons!

I may have given up on my vision for this book, I really wanted to print it...but after much pitching and rejections I decided to post it as web comic on Webtoons...Please consider subscribing or liking the comic! so much love and care went into this! :D I'll upload Tuesdays with two pages of content. Maybe I could do a kickstarter later for a printed version because the digital layout will be very different from the print layout. I feel like if I did a kickstarter right now when I don't have a big following seems futile T_T So I'll just put it out in the world and see how it goes...IF IT GOES WELL I'll make book 2! >8D Lol or I'll wrap it up at end of one and make my other novel I want to work on!!! :D
The back cover design for Click Track Lolita

Super big thanks to my partner who gave me the freedom to make this graphic novel, My sisters for giving me lots of feedback, and Amy for editing and bantering with me forever about this comic <3
Thanks for reading!

Saturday, January 4, 2020


These drawings are from my dream, the characters are very vivid in my memory that's why I could draw them. In the dream I had to steal the spider woman's infant as some sort of hazing process, which turned out easy enough to steal but then I remember holding the infant questioning wither my action was right.

Saturday, December 28, 2019

outfit designs

trying to thumbnail a new scene
end up getting hung up on writing the lyrics and designing the outfits XD