Sunday, September 17, 2017

SKETCHBOOK March to August 2017

i was really trying to fill this one

fanart of Moxie Saturday

fanart for Amy Otteson

left fanart of Amy and right Fanart for Amy and Erin

more amy fanart XD

this one is done by my sister cristina!
fanart of Kaylie Mcdougal artist/fashion blogger
fanart of Laci.m on instagram her characters

these 4 above have some fanart of amy's characters :3

these two have my sister heleyna drawings of girls and mermaids

hahah these have amy fanart!! OMG I DRAW AMY characters alot
 fanart of Vasilis Lolos
hahaha XD coloring books with crayons while trying to get my son to color? WRITE ANYTHING?!
my experience PLEASE DONT BUY OFF BRAND CRAYONS omg so horrible
CRAYOLA for the win
i think the worse is roseart or....1$ store generic brand super crap