Sunday, March 18, 2018


Free Graphic design and image editing

GIMP - a Photoshop alternative; very powerful program, can do almost anything:

Inkscape - an Adobe Illustrator alternative for vector graphic design:

Krita - digital painting software similar to Corel Paint:

Paint.NET - a very simple but powerful image-editing program:

MyPaint - digital painting software similar to PaintToolSAI:

Darktable - a RAW photo editor similar to Lightroom:

Clip Studio Paint By Smith Micro-
this is a paid one but it has really good reviews and i see a lot of artists using this one

Word processing and home publishing

LibreOffice Suite - includes spreadsheet and PowerPoint-like presentation software:

Scribus - an open-source alternative to InDesign:

This meme makes me laugh so hard this is me on so many levels hahah

Monday, March 12, 2018


might be obsessed or at least wishing
helping raising pretensions
I agree now change your stance
don't try catch the face value, there is always something
kissed a girl only to combat conclusions
but I aint' got no shoes

Sunday, March 11, 2018

HEY dreams

I've had a couple more but i can't remember these are the one that stuck with me...

This dream was about my son, he was swimming in a pool with his life jacket on...i was watching from afar...the second floor balcony of this pool...he somehow took his jacket off...and got inside a cardboard box and jumped into the water. When I saw him do this i panicked , I happened to be wearing flippers for some reason? In a hurry I dove into the pool from the second floor to get him but it didn't matter how hard i kicked i couldn't get any closer to him. Even in my dream i was thinking why am I not moving I'm wearing flippers! Luckily there was some guy near my kid that was watching us and helped him before things got bad. We helped him out of the cardboard box and I felt so sheepish like i was the worst parent ever and everyone saw the whole ordeal....i woke up due to stress

The next dream was some sort of weird animator cartoonist contest and i got selected to be in it...when i clicked accept on the form i turned into a cartoon like snoopy or brain from family guy...and i entered this world where there was all these tubes that led high in the sky. I had to find my partner who i was going to be competing with they were some head in the sky. When i made it to sky my appearance was different i was a ninja man wearing all black... when i got back down i got kicked out of the system and was sitting at my computer confused thinking i had a virus....

Saturday, March 10, 2018


riding on antlers wet dog noses some things never fade away
the duty of the dejected is to accept
the black philosopher aesthetic points to a skull on books
drills and screws drive deeper into wood
the witch hunt is on
lines on the neck, neckties on racks
curls and zebra stripes

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

just wanna change

axe my heart to pieces your doubts are your traitors
leather gloves over eyes gonna make a master yet
shade thrown in sweet magic beans wrapped in dough
for a sermon of crows translucent wings a door inside a door
expansive beaks only wanting to chime, hide in your room
what a awful buzzing sound just learn to tune it out.
a tribute wishing youth again no more cash

still in shrink wrap hot dogs reading books
same car for everyone only one math chicken

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

in the mood

a box for a head you don't think enough
keep swallowing mucus
a cat with nine lives days get shorter as leaves fall
meat man water is spoiled by gas
there are some things in this life meant to be in spirals
once a year a rose decorates her hair
whales swim in the sky and humans drinking from tubes
whatever is next just thinking of you but how do I manage?
by looking closer to see the details reveal a hidden world
surrounded by dead raccoons on chairs one dream play
its intentional to lose touch

My dimension my rules

flabby rubber bodies covered in fish eggs
rock hard abs smothered in oil
feeding pigeons pecking at seed
glares for days; laughter under shadows
flavor a local planet on extreme micro organisms
everything board lies straight
thanks mom thanks dad

about to reach the edge of the waterfall
eyes popped out only to see a flash run by
a spanking is in order but only if it's censored
two ugly lizards grunt energy finished
interaction feels so good your number one cheerleader
so brilliant tips and tricks for a skull spider weaving a web

Monday, March 5, 2018

movies too close to home

random fashion doodle

BORUTO ...Naruto's SON?... WHAT? SIT DOWN BURRITO no thank you i tried...XD the story writers just barfed all over naruto's personality and history apparently when you become a parent you lose yourself and become some sort of "parent" cliche EHHHH DA FUQ? i couldn't stomach that movie... i also didn't care for the new generation has all these parenting issues but naruto and his friends all had pretty good parents...that loved them and sacrificed for them ....then naruto and sasuke  BOTH married girls...that had one sided crushes on them its like just gave into their wishes i also thought their kids where too much rehashes of original characters...i would've made them look more unique NEW FASHION STATEMENTS something ? ...ehhh.garbage
i JUST CAN'T DO next generation stuff i just can't
i didn't do it with pokemon...or digimon... JUST END A STORY hey ITS OK TO SAY THE END XD
what is a good example of next generation....?
Sailor moon did pretty good with children of the main characters
DBZ i would rate them mediocre...since goku gets all the lime light they are just pawns to the main character still..

Tears for Fears- Pale
SHANNON - Give Me Tonight [Extended Version] (1984).youtube
Shalamar Second Time Around Extended
Pure hell- Courageous
The Brothers Johnson - Stomp!.youtube