Saturday, September 26, 2009


This makes me want to throw up. I know it's just a name "femforce" but that name implies feminism to me but then I look and I can plainly see it's not. They are completely over sexualized, boobs hanging out and shit. In my opinion anything that comes from a man can NEVER be considered feminism, it actually insulting to even pretend.

You know what else I don't care for, Zenescope's Grim's Fairy Tales. Even though I love Nei Ruffino coloring work. I do not like way that the women characters are portrayed, they all dress like male imagined fantasy hookers. I also don't care for how the Zenescope character designs re-circulate DISNEY's designs and imagery. It's like Seriously there is so many variations of those fairy tales and so many different illustrators that have drawn have to use the Disney's version? SERIOUSLY?
Fuck Disney.

Have you seen Scott Campbell's Fairy Tale Calender? I'm sorry, but yet again it HEAVILY borrows from Disney imagery. Seriously. Campbell used a similar dress design and a similar scene between Captain Hook and Tink that happens in the movie. Nothing unique just a "Disney" character in his style. I'm not trying to take a crack at Campbell. I like Scott Campbell, and I love Danger Girl, but I hate Disney's influence over him.

WATCH THESE VIDEOS it's about Disney

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  1. Yeah, I agree, it is really lame how this combination of "cute" + sexy is so huge right now, and how that has led to so many artists "Disney-fying" their highly sexualized (and often sexist) portrayals of women.

    Very informative stuff on Disney as well; I like my share of Disney movies and appreciate them as art forms, but I'm always a little disturbed by people letting it be a moral touchstone for them or their children. I also really enjoyed Don Bluth and Rankin Bass films growing up, and they tackle some pretty heavy shit.