Wednesday, September 23, 2009

squeal like a pig

Here's an illustration by Gustaf Tenggren. I'm really into drawing trees right now. I've been heavy into finding as much inspiration for the types of trees.

Heres a sketch I made i was working on Love Buzz...I think the picture explains my feelings perfectly...maybe I'll post some of those pages later.

A paint chat sketch of a hot outfit. If you haven't tried paint chatten you need to! Seriously I use to paint chat all the time, and the other day. I was feeling spunky! So I hit up Niko's Paint chat for some fun!!! Niko's Paint Chat Go GO! register and draw! it's easy and fun! Helps to have a tablet but I know some people who can rock a mouse.

Look at this awesome dragon! WOW the detail and texture is amazing. I found this artist Benoit Billion the other day while I surfing Deviantart. This guy is super talented and has a patience of a saint! Go check him out stat all of his work is good. Behydezell Deviant Gallery.

A drawing by E. Norelius. I love that tree. The branches are amazing, so eerie.

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