Thursday, October 8, 2009

I has internet

OH my god i have the internet. It's so awesome! :) It took forever to install too because awhile back my house got hit by lightning and all the phone lines were shot. So the installation guy had to do alot of work to fix it up so it would work. He was soo nice too!! Thank you Mr. installation guy!! :D

I like to take pictures of my make up looks. I like to try and attempt a new look everytime i do it. So I like to keep tabs on all my make up styles. heres one, green and yellow with a triangle white pencil highlights.


  1. You're so fine you blow my mind! XD

  2. omg, I remember the white dove butt pony! She was a bride pony, and came with a veil and like a little wedding cake and shit...she was the pride of my ponies! XD And I still have that same baby glittery unicorn!! I wanna say her name's...Baby Galaxy, or somethin'? And hot damn, I love your make up and am so envious of you skills!

  3. Oh man, I totally have the wedding pony from the first picture. I'm almost tempted to go through my boxes in my parents' garage when I visit them so I can retrieve my ponies. Ha ha ha.