Monday, October 12, 2009

Make up rocks

Make up rules. Heres a cool smokey eye look i made, I guess what i like about this look is the cresent shaped tail, which i think is pretty cool. It could be done with any color really and it'd be sweet. I like to make odd shapes with the eye liner. I think if i would do this again I think it would be cool to continue the line to the corner of the eye so it outlines the eye shadow. O_O ya.

I made this with Loreal Hip eye liner which oh my god, If you don't have you should go get some stat, spendy like 11-12 bucks but so worth it, it's a cream eye liner that comes in a varety of different colors, comes with a brush so you have to paint it on, which takes some getting use but you can make some really beautiful looks with this stuff. I know like some other companies make similiar stuff but hip for the win.

Heres a cool make up tutorial. It's kinda bizarre, how she speckled the lace on her face but i think that's what makes it cool. Reminds me of blade runner or something very new age imo

Arabic make up looks are gorgeous. JUSt amazing. >_> Why don't we do our make up like this over here? American styles are so conservative and dull in my opinion. Heres a bunch of videos that are magazine images with music to them but they are beautiful and have so much variety in each eye.
Arabic Eyes
Heavy Arabic Makeup3
Heavy Arabic Makeup2
Beautiful Arabic Makeup
Oh heres a good one I love this one, it features the makeup looks of a saudi arabian artist. The girl is really beautiful especially all her different Hijab ornaments and styles. O_O so pretty.
Arabic Make up on Shaima

the sad thing is i could link more. >_> I'm a fiend for this stuff. They are so beautiful and i like the songs too hahaha. XD


  1. oh wow, that is a really cool shape!! Haha I love HIP too! XD I haven't tried the eyeliner stuff though, I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for the Arabic make up links too, really inspiring! I love the use of the bright turquoise eyeliner underneath the bottom lid.

  2. Michelle, i found one that is WAY TOO EFFING COOL