Monday, November 9, 2009


I love you tube.

Like a Boss (uncensored) Ft. Seth Rogen. You tube LOL pretty messed up video altho i love the gaint fish XD

Rap - Sittin on the toilet (RayWilliamJohnson). You tube This has to be the best song ever. XD LUL

Tragic disaster in alcohol warehouse. You tube O____O

Yo Mammy, boy. You tube This is just a classic...This is quite old but very humorous.

Drunk Squirrel. You tube XDDDDDD

Raped by donkey. You tube NOESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Massive Waterballoon Dropped On Portapotty. You tube XDDD the end is worth it

Funny cats. you tube hahahahahah

Arnies Pizza shop. You tube IF YOU HAVEN't SEEN THIS YOU ARE SHELTERED HAHAHAH this is the best


  1. OMFG !! LOLOLOLOL!!! the drunk squirrel and donkey rape is amazing

    this one is pretty much my all time fav

  2. rofl omg the cat getting run over by the remote control truck! I laughed so hard I cried! XD