Sunday, November 15, 2009


i need this


Collab between me and Twistforme. Deviantart

LOl wtf

the girl on left is a Collab between me and Twistforme. Deviantart

Lady Gaga- Bad Romance. You tube. Lol i love this video, she has some awesome outfits and make up in this video. The part where shes on fire makes me laugh. XD lady gaga ftw

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  1. the video for bad romance reminded me of manson a lil bit during his mechanical animals phase, and i like the song - it's actually pretty heavy.

    thought you might like this too, beyonce/gaga

    i didn't like this song that much but the video reminded me of you at some parts with colors, outfits, makeup, hair, etc.

    one of beyonces outfits looks like she's wearing a diaper o.o