Saturday, December 5, 2009

dirty mind

mother fucken make up
XD i know this is pretty extreme! hahaha :/ I originally wanted single smaller triangles underneath my eye but i messed up, so happy mistake. maybe I'll do some triangles later.
made with purple, glitter liner, and my favorite eye liner ever

Starkillers - Discoteka. You tube
this song makes me wanna dance XD
wooo XD !!!

behind closed doors
i think about you

Lady death, HER BOOBS ARE RIDICULOUS. i know.


you turn me on

Faster Kill Pussycat. you tube.

I watched this cause I wanted to listen to the song. It's a good song!!
Then I realized it was about that Twilight vampire guy. What's with Twilight? I watched the movie and the vampires glitter like diamonds in the sun? XD lol wut? I dont get it. Altho I didn't get harry potter either. XDD I guess everyone wants to bone a vampire.


  1. that starkillers song is RAD! i like all your sexy drawings lately!

  2. haha I never got Twilight or Harry Potter either XD

    Awesome drawings, more!!

  3. Lady Death's titty balls are going in two opposite directions! XD