Saturday, December 12, 2009

i'm here to lie to you

i love color

Immortal Thor. Marvel

War Queen
More Psychotron Posters.

Dr. Strange. Marvel

Graffiti. Tibo. Italy

Graffiti. Tocoma, WA


RiotSound. Graffiti gallery
Ilovegraffiti. Graffiti gallery

I love Lisa Frank.

the colors are so intense.

i colored this as a joke. this one of those black fuzzy posters lol xD the unicorn looks so stupid. haha

no where else to go


messed up videos...
truc de fou on dirait un animal made in marseille. youtube this is bizarre

Elephant Man. youtube O_o...

tratamiento para la columna. youtube O________O

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  1. damn, that shit is tight! Lisa Frank is my hero as well! ;D