Wednesday, December 9, 2009

mystery 44 and COMICS

it must be good if ponies like it!! XDDDD lol
Love Buzz Review. Bendis boards

Love Buzz 22pg Preview. Oni Press

i mod'ed that punk pony!! XD lol her hair was such a clusterfuck when i got her! i had to give her a mohawk!! I want to paint some sweet eye make up on her but i dont know what would be a good paint to use!! D: Anyone know?

also I contributed an anthology piece to Trickster which is now available for pre-orders at, with a released date of June 1, 2010.
Pre order Trickster. Amazon

I'm excited for this one, I was fortunate enough to be apart of this project. It's a really cool book, and all the stories are written by authentic Native American Story Tellers.
Learn more at the Official Trickster Blog. Blogspot


  1. Miniature paint. I've got a bunch I'll have home over break if you want to use it. It's a finer acrylic, but it's made to be applied to plastic.

  2. lol yes! i love how heleyna is in a lil cocoon hehehe

    grats on your publishing's!!! :D im proud of you!

  3. I tried modding ponies with paint markers years ago, and it worked well enough, but the paint bled after a while. :/ I'd like to try modding ponies again.

    Hehe I think it's cute that you're your sister's photographer! You're both so cute and look like you could be models! You should do a photoshoot together!

  4. I love that picture tons! I have it as my profile pic on my Facebook, now!

    Also, your sister is hot and I fully support her dreams of being a hot ass pin-up girl! You should give it a shot too, Michelle!

  5. i wanna be a pinup girl too, it's okay. :)