Tuesday, December 15, 2009

sub culture

"I'm single! I hate being single but hopefully I'll find my prince charming. I hope to find my prince charming real soon." -Anonymous

we have the same last name.

Some more official book reviews.
Love Buzz Review. Ain't It Cool News

Love Buzz Review. Graphic Policy

Erotic Art Research

Antonie Borel

Roman vase

Shunga prints. lovers language

Roman vase

Middle Eastern book painting

Paul Emile Becat


"To deny a person's freedom of thought is to deny what can be considered one's most basic freedom; to think for one's self."
Bill Of Rights. Wikipedia

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  1. mmmmm, historical erotica! i particularly like baroque-style erotica for some reason, hehe.

    It would be so cool if it turned out that lady wrestler was like your great-aunt charito or something! XD