Wednesday, December 30, 2009

disposable whore

I am the madonna.
Choke on rats, savenger.

Beg me for more.

How can i be so fucking cool?

i'm in a painty mood lately.

make up.
This is just black eye creme and mascara. weird shape.
I use a lot of blacks and dark colors on myself only because it goes well with my dark hair and eye color. I've been thinking, I need a good black lipstick with a lot of lip gloss.
yeah. that'd be cool.

black is the new red.

I like annoying 80's synth techno dance music.
Freestyle "It's Automatic" You tube.

Proxyon - King Of Darkness. You tube.

Twilight 22 - Siberian Nights. you tube.

Safire - Taste the Bass (Freestyle). You tube.

Trinere "All Night". You tube.

PUMP IT UP ! !!!! lol
now all I need is a boom box to make this jam official.

This girl is good at dancing. I could watch her all day. She's so graceful and she transitions from move to move so well. She's more like a vertical ballerina. it's awesome.
Leigh Ann Pole dance. You tube.

I really love belly dancing. When I was a kid my dad took me to see belly dancer live. Unlike most girls who to be ballerinas, i always wanted to be belly dancer.
Watch this girl move!
sadie belly dancer. You tube

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