Friday, January 8, 2010


more panel sketches, i know it looks messy but i know what i'm doing and thats all that really matters...i've decided i'm going to do things a little differently. i'm going to sketch all the panels and then assemble the panels and overall page layout on the computer. then draw the clean versions off that.

:) I really love the fuzzy little guys, i'm calling um wizzles. They only care about cupcakes!! xD haha


this one took forever to comb out the knotty dread it had for hair XD

hahah i know....i'm so over indulgent lately. I just don't want to stop. they were a dollar a pop! how can you say no to that??!!?

feel the funk
shake your rump

Light Express - Panther Mix. you tube
Stacey Q - Too Hot For Love. you tube


  1. Man, your latest entries have gotten insanely sexual. If I'm to gleen anything from this one, it's that you're working on a comic about a masturbating pony/cat/girl, and her cupcake eating dragon thing. Am I close? Either way, sign me up.

    Also, did you get that job? Your sister called me to interview as a reference, and I said nothing but nice things about you! XD