Thursday, January 7, 2010

cooking in the kitchen

hahahahahahahhahaha YES i was serious. This project is solely just for fun and because i can!!

i want the colors to be insane like the color sketches i did before ... no black lines....i was thinking i would use soft borders on the panels, no crisp hard boxes or anything happy clouds or maybe some fun shapes. I was looking at other MLP comics and i noticed they have huge font with simple sentances cause they are ment for kids...but i think my comic needs to reflect that...XD just to play off the other comics

I like how the some of the covers have these short attention getters on them. I think I might need some of that!! XD

I'm a lighter nazi!

oh my god check this mini sketch book i got for a DOLLAR. it's amazing!! i almost don't want to draw in it!! It has sparkley glitter on it!! haha

make up is the shit

i saw paranormal activity. man i thought that movie was scary!! It would really suck to have a malevolent demon as a friend.


  1. omg YES hahahaha loving it already! go pony porn!! XD

    i was so scared by paranormal activity too lol i don't get people who don't think it's scary...i wanna watch it again on dvd, but i'm afraid it'll be even scarier watching it in your own house! XD

  2. lol i thought you might like this