Monday, January 4, 2010

never a cloudy day

song for today
Dom Almond - Shake It (Philipe De Boyar Remix). you tube

girl doodles.

my master, i am your slave.
dog i will break you.

Moon Chaser at the disco.

Warning: pony geek out session ahead.

O_O woah i found this in one of my back ups. I made this in 2005... I like this group of head designs. it's just interesting to compare this with my recent pony stuff. >_> i need to draw that feather hat again... the one smoking is beyond awesome, hahaha.

been dormat for awhile here.
i've been thinking a lot about what i want to make, i want to make a comic about something that has to do with my recent trend of work and all i can think the ponies.

is it wrong that i want make a mini pony fan comic? but like make it erotic? XDDDDD come on!!! i want to draw crazy lesbain pony girls eating cup cakes and making love in a wonderous rainbow colored dream castle.

i think there needs to be a love potion in order... or some sort of flower pollen that acts as aphrodiac. Spike can masturbate in the background, that dirty little dragon!!! XD hahahahahahaha!!!

I just went looking for my little pony porn and this is some of the things i found.

jam-master jim. My Little Pony turns nice girls into porn stars.

Ray Managh. Children exposed to porn film in guise of 'My Little Pony'.

Really, I'm not bothered by their names. I played with the toys, and look at me. I came out ok. RIGHT? XD hahahaha

Dildocorn Pony (My Little Pony Parody) - Uncensored. Video
>_> i want the one with the cookie on it's butt minus the penis xD

make up, make up, make up!

I just rewatched this movie. I fucking love this movie. the character designs, backgrounds, and the story are always amazing. XD

the golden balls?

this is one of the best parts
The Thief And The Cobbler - Chase Scene. you tube

whats the deal with judge shows? I feel like thats all I ever see on tv.
XD watch this. This is kinda a mind fuck.
Judge Judy Flash tube

these guys are just silly
Fainting Goats. you tube

i'm such a you tube whore.

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  1. YESSSS, i would totally buy/read a my little pony porn comic!!!! hahaha XD that's an awesome idea...i always thought their names sounded suspiciously like porn star names!

    omg, thief and the cobbler is amazing! i just wish creative control hadn't been taken away from the original creator at the last minute. but he still did some amazing stuff. and princess yumyum! XD