Sunday, February 21, 2010

flesh of a man

Hello, I've been away.
Life is crazy. I wish i didn't have to learn everything the hard way.
Sometimes I get really tired of it all.

not much to show, i dont want to spoil all the fun! ahhahaha soon tho :). I finished the thumbnails, and i started drawing the pages. here's some random sketches for good measure
sell your soul

the orange one is so rad.
i'm such a sucker. hahaha. i also got which is not pictured the COTTON CANDY CAFE! LOL and these two other princess ponies in box. >:3

some fail and some cool...eye make up.

music to enjoy

i love these girls.


  1. If that's Will in the second drawing down he looks like he's been hitting the drugs hard! Isabell looks really cute, like a dainty 80s explosion (in the third picture for sure).