Thursday, May 27, 2010




Make eyebrow maintenance a part of your daily routine. Before you apply eye shadow you want to create a frame work. Always touch up your eyebrows to keep their shape looking crisp and clean. Use a tweezers or a razor. Note, When you do shape your eyebrows I think you don't want to necessarily change the shape, but enhance your natural shape.

It is possible to change the shape completely for a different look, but I do think with that, you should be aware of certain structural guidelines. First and most important the eyebrow arch should be roughly aligned with the outer edge of the pupil. The front of the eyebrow should align with the inside of the eye, and the tail of the eyebrow should end roughly with the end of the eye. Obviously you can bend those rules to change the visual appearance of your face.

Another thing, after you shape your eyebrow with tweezers or a razor, and you got it looking pretty good. I usually suggest going in and defining the shape more with color, use some eyeshadow or eyeliner whatever you prefer. I like to use a brown eye shadow that matches my hair color or sometimes different colors depending on my look. I think the shadow is nice because it can be softer and more subtle. Apply it with a q-tip or eye shadow applicator, for a clean solid eyebrow.

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Someone said it looked very 80's glam.