Saturday, May 29, 2010


Was lucky enuff to get all these gen 1 pegasuses
I love the one with the sparkles for eyes!!!

this castle is the shit, it was 6 dollars. It came with a bunch of accessories, what a steal. it lights up and sings the whole My Little Pony Theme.

New gen 3 ponies.
the sad things is that i had a chance at a rainbow rollar coaster with a bunch of ponies for cheap, missed, and someone else got it to it before me!!!!! D: guh why


  1. That's a pretty impressive pony collection. I had a few when I was younger, unfortunately, my parents were hardcore Christians and one day they decided unicorns/pegasuses were evil so threw them all out. Ahahah wow.

    I like their castle :)

    I was totally going to save that ponygirl picture you put up. (I'm such a creeper.) Keep going, don't burn out. I'll draw a pervy picture for you!