Friday, August 20, 2010


The 40 Worst Rob Liefeld Drawings.

I don't like this article. It can be funny, yeah. But i don't agree on hating on Rob Liefeld's art because he made a couple "mistakes" or took a couple of short cuts. Who hasn't? Comics are always subject to the time constraints imposed on them and that's part of the style. I think there's something to be said about Rob Liefeld's work. His figures are so exaggerated and depict these constipated heroic stereotypes. To me, his work is a child like fascination of the ideal human form. What is right and wrong when it comes to fantasy?

you could compare Rob Liefeld's Captian America with the Venus of Willendorf. Both exaggerated forms. Venus has no arms, no face, but whoever made that sculpture has distored the breasts and genitals to emphasis fertility. The Venus of Willendorf is a product of time period that it was made in. Primative man and his struggle with survival. How is that different from Rob Liefeld's Captain America? He distorts the chest and muscles to create a "strong" heroic figure. Does it have to be anatomically correct? I dont think so. I like that his figures are the incest child of comic and american culture. hey that's cool.

I was watching some unnamed artist color comics on one of those livestreams. It was all good and interesting, watching him use different techniques in photoshop and all that. but then he said, he hated when people go outside the lines or waver inside the lines with the color, saying that it was "lazy"...I just think that kind of thought process is so narrow minded. could you think anymore black and white? Why do so many people color inside the lines? Even though i have been a victim of this.

It's funny how children when they approach a coloring book, they can disregard the lines completely, and just do whatever. The black line is one of things that defines and at the same time suffocates comics. Granted not all comics use "black lines" to tell a story but a large majorty of the mainstream comics do.

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