Thursday, August 12, 2010

some forgotten years

6th-7th grade
All my drawings were messed up animal people things that looked alot like jim davis's style.

8th grade
i did draw, but i sucked. I drew alot of pokemon, wolves, and unicorns. altho this era has been lost due to computer crash

9th grade

i still kinda like these hahaha they are cute.
this character eventually turned into sezeri from legend.

good thing i wrote that this was biyomon
cause i wouldn't remembered that at all hahahahaha

I loved neopets. I drew alot of animals.

wilddragon15 is my neopet username...
i bet i could sign on right now if i could remember my password. D:

10th grade

for a short while i used shell. It was a nick name my friend called me.

>_> still playing neopets...

alot more people
I use to draw this girl all the time.

11-12th grade could be a post all by itself
i went crazy with drawing those years.