Monday, September 27, 2010

Demon temptress

In my dream, I was lost in a massive forest. The trees towered over me and were purple and teal. There were strange creatures everywhere. As night dawned, I became worried and tried to find shelter in the root of the trees. For my bed, I stole the down feathers of a hawkman, who could not see me. He was in a bubble that was a gate way into another dimension.
Inside the orb, I could see the hawkman in a shopping mall, he was riding up the elevator. He was very tall and had red spiky hair with a long beak. When I laid the feathers down on the ground. I set my bed over ant hills. I laid there anticipating the hawkman to come through the bubble and see me but small black ant people, with scorpion tails started attacking me. They crawled all over me. I paniced and quickly tried to brush them off and get away.
When I came to a yellow house. There was nothing inside the house but empty rooms. I stood in the living room by the front door looking up the staircase, when the owners of the house came down the stairs. They were two large orange cats, that were human sized and stood on their hind legs. They didn't say anything to me as the moved back up the stairs.
The cat people were performing some sort of ritual of relaxant. In the far back bedroom I could see a man dressed in a suit without a face tied to a chair. It frightened me. People were kept in a corridor without faces in their underwear. No one could see me. There was a white rabbit, who sat on the railing and wanted to mate.

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