Saturday, October 30, 2010

happy halloween

I love halloween.

I'm totally a gangster!! muhwhahahah

the mob is the shit. I even have a tommy gun!! bang bang mother f*@ker!

Rick James - Super Freak. you tube I love any man who has sparkles in his hair XD

Saturday, October 23, 2010


bald spot
too much shit coming in
white making me uninspired or lazy. I can't tell.
but it can't rain all the time.
my sisters as zombies
they made the costumes and makeup gore.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Cateura, Linda. Oil Painting Secrets from a Master. New York: Watson-Guptill Publications, 1995. print


"Painting is like a sculpture. When painting an object, you're not painting roundness but the illusion of dimension."

"You must learn to look beyond the model to understand - and convey- the illusion of a three-dimensional reality onto a two-dimensional canvas. Thus the intelligent artist who sees selectively and with understanding, sees the canvas as the reality, not the model. He doesn't paint what he sees, he paints the way he wants the canvas to look and uses the model for reference only. "

"All great paintings are conceptually simple. "

"The concept is the essence of your painting but it is extrinsic to your subject matter. The concept is the structure and framework on which your assembled subject matter (composition, value, and color) is suspended, all working to maintain the shape of the original idea of the painting."

"You must have a concept before you can work out a composition for your paintings, just as a writer's theme must be precede plot and character. Composition gives substance to a painting's concept, just as a plot and characters express a novel's theme. "

"When you understand your concept as a plan of action, you'll know when your painting is finished, you'll know when to stop."


how little color can be used to make a painting.

David Leffel's Brushstroke Techniques"Never do more than THREE strokes with the paint on your brush. Two strokes are better. Then pick up another batch of paint for each new series of brush stokes."

Most of the techniques they talk about are specific to the classical tradition of painting such as Ruben, but this is interesting to me because I never follow this "rule". I almost want to try to follow this rule to see what will happen.

"think in terms of planes, mass, dimension, rather than line and shading."

changes in color temperature, edges, and color intensity to create variety.

Take Risks

"Worrying about what your finished painting will look like will inhibit you."
THAT is some serious shit!!


Friday, October 15, 2010

a night out

miss kitty

This is what i made on 24 hour comic day, not really as complete as i would've liked, but whatever something better than nothing. I just never scanned it in until now. each panel is a post it note.

I'm going to the Twin Cities Book Festival tomorrow! VERY EXCITING! I will be there as a guest and I will be on a panel about Minnesota comics at 1:30 pm, Spruce Room.


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Friday, October 1, 2010

24 hours of hell

I've decided to do 24 comics day! I've always wanted to do it but every year i miss it and find out after it's over. I'm kinda hesitant cause i generally work slow and kiss every panel to perfection, so i have no idea what i will produce. I have to work during 24 comics day :/ kinda sucks but whateva.

I'm doing the Adventures of Stinky and Inky.
:) I know I've drawn some mini one shots with them before but I've decided to explore their world more. I don't care if you're not suppose to use previous ideas or characters. All i care about is the time constraint.

today they decorated it for Halloween at my work, and they have this spider set up where i can lower it down on people passing by to scare them. I totally got these little kids today with the spider. I dropped it down on their heads when they were walking by! it's was so funny!!!

I love Halloween. :) i think I'm going to be a skanky little red riding hood!! oh my what big eyes you have!!!