Friday, October 1, 2010

24 hours of hell

I've decided to do 24 comics day! I've always wanted to do it but every year i miss it and find out after it's over. I'm kinda hesitant cause i generally work slow and kiss every panel to perfection, so i have no idea what i will produce. I have to work during 24 comics day :/ kinda sucks but whateva.

I'm doing the Adventures of Stinky and Inky.
:) I know I've drawn some mini one shots with them before but I've decided to explore their world more. I don't care if you're not suppose to use previous ideas or characters. All i care about is the time constraint.

today they decorated it for Halloween at my work, and they have this spider set up where i can lower it down on people passing by to scare them. I totally got these little kids today with the spider. I dropped it down on their heads when they were walking by! it's was so funny!!!

I love Halloween. :) i think I'm going to be a skanky little red riding hood!! oh my what big eyes you have!!!

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