Tuesday, November 30, 2010


lacy outfits



blue sunglasses

so bad ass!

i love britney spears, true story!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Grum- Cybernetic. Youtube
I haven't done pointillism since 9th grade, I want to do some now.
lol i love the cat

Someone said this to me
"amateurs get inspired, professionals keep working."

blue door bandit

today was such a crazy day! I feel like i have to tell this story!
life is adventure but some days it's just more intense.
Man oh man.

So woke up today tire was flat, i filled it no big deal went to work.
Got off work, tire was flat again. So I had to change it in the parking lot to the spare, thank god i had a spare. I drive down the highway for about 5 miles and get off at the next stop to get some cigarettes and check on the tire make sure everything is looking good. I get to the gas station, and realize the spare is flat now and also the seal is broken. The rubber part of the tire had gotten completely removed from the rim and I'm thinking, god damn it. I'm all on my own, No one can come save me and i gotta get this car home somehow.
I go into the gas station to get some soda and cigarettes, and decide I'm going to fill the original tire and quickly drive home. When I come back out there is someone pulled up really close to my car, it's another lady who has a flat tire! She's a little older than me Hispanic, she spoke English and Spanish light brown hair, very pretty girl. Anyway what are the chances, So I put some air in the original tire to check the leak and air is just seeping out like crazy! and that's when i see it it's a screw!
I think, ok I can do this. I'm going to fix this thing. So i go back in and buy a tire fix kit, come back out and while I'm out there trying to pull the screw out of the tire this other lady was using a liquid tire fixer to fix her tire. It's in the middle of the night, and I'm straddling this tire trying to plug the hole. Which was really hard to do, and takes a lot of strength to push the black gum in into the rubber. Oh my. The other lady gives up, and gets a hold of one her friends to come get her.
I get the tire fixed, I loosen the lug nuts, jack up the car again, take the donut off, then jack it up some more. It was so hard to put the wheel on the bolts and align it just right, I was struggling with it for awhile. Then lady who had a the flat tire saw me wrestling this tire, and got out of her car to help me. It was heavy, I had to lift it while she guided it using the light from her cellphone to align it on bolts again. When we got it on there I quickly screwed all bolts back on and thanked her. Before i left, I thanked her again I wanted to buy her some candy, coffee or anything but she wouldn't let me. She was so nice I wish i had asked her name, she looked like a maria or angelica. I hope she got home safely too.

life is crazy what can I say...