Monday, February 21, 2011


Jealous of her husband affairs, Aani decided to gorge on dirt until she burst. Aani ate and ate until she was so fat that her husband became disgusted with her, and he cut her into a hundred pieces. From the pieces grew the Sand people. The Sand people were Aani’s fragmented memories and one by one got together to find her deceitful husband to devour him.

When the sand people arrived at Taff’s door he mistook them for dirt and poured water on them to wash them away. The sand people were swept into a nearby river. They cried to the River for help and told him of their sorrows. Soon the River sympathized with the Sand people and decided to wash them up on shore. When sand people washed up on shore, they began to slowly build themselves again, and when they finally were whole they started on their long journey back.

This time when they got to Taff’s door his mistress Zu-zan opened the door, and swept them away. Dishearten by their unfruitful attempts, the Sand people wept dry tears, until a wide eye Owl heard their cries and came to them. The Owl told them to eat three rocks each and they would grow ten times their normal size. So, they did and each grew ten times their normal size.

This time when they went to Taff’s door, he ordered the South Wind to take them away. So the South Wind did, the sand people tumbled in the wind for many days and nights. Until, finally the wind stopped, and their bodies fell from the sky shattering into millions of pieces as they hit the earth, and from their bodies created deep a sea of sand, the had sorrow created a barren in the land where no plant or tree could grow.

I've posted this quilt but never the story i wrote for it.

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