Monday, February 21, 2011

lord of fire

Human Son
Izlan and Ka dreamed of a child of warmth, and for years the spirits gave them none. Until one day Izlan was picking berries in the forest when a demon told her to build a shrine of birch and bang the rocks over the wooden bed and a child would come. So Izlan rushed home to Ka to tell him of the demon’s advice. Ka built a shrine like the demon had said, he built a bed of birch, and began striking rocks together to call forth the child. When the rocks hit a spark of life jumped from the rocks into the birch bed. From it arose Augato lord of fire, demon of play, and son of Izlan and Ka.

The fire child began small, and Izlan and Ka nurtured their son. He would warm their hut on days when Sezeri nipped at their fingers, but Augato hungered for more and he had grown too big for the birch bed. Growing, Augato consumed their hut and sent his parents fleeing into the forest. Augato continued to grow turning the forest into ash. Not knowing what to do, Izlan and Ka prayed to the spirits to help them. Ina mother of creation saw Augato’s destruction of her forests, and ordered the rains to stop the child. When Augato was finally subdued, Ina banished the child. Izlan and Ka begged Ina to return their only child. Ina sympathized with Izlan and Ka’s request and returned the child under the condition that his power would be controlled.

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