Tuesday, February 22, 2011

pony backlog

warning: picture heavy

Yeah i haven't had time to style her hair but she's cool with the narly look.

valentine custom

cristina got this one for me and it's bad ass oh yeah
and thats a pony dressing room that sings the theme song...got that for a $1.80!!!

beach bunnies

in box

gifts, i love these molds they are so cute

Last pony my friend jaime got me! D: I hope she is having a wonderful time in Montana!

got the Cotton candy shoppe a long time ago but never posted a pic of it.

I like the fakies. :D

a gift

jaime got me these lovely ladies who are chillen outside the pony Bontique, XD fakes are so fun.


a custom i made, i got her for cheap in a bag at the thift store, she was in bad shape someone had scribbled all over, and i just didn't have the heart to throw her away, so she got a make over.

cristina gave this to me for x-mas

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