Saturday, March 26, 2011


I updated the curb appeal of my website 0becomingX i'll put some more paintings up maybe if i feel like it when i get up =_= Added Daze to my comics section and made a digital format for reading the comic online While i was doing that i updated Legend these pages/revisions i had made awhile back but never updated it. Still a work in progess. also updated the html on XXX for some reason it had a lot of broken links and just was a cluster-fuck. I've been thinking about hosting the old OUAT and maybe stakeout cause some people have requested but i'm not sure yet... i know i'm fooling around with the old stuff alot but fear not I'm working on a new story that i plan to release in april...i'm half way done on the drawing. I gotta scan it in and do some crazy stuff to to it... SO MANY THINGS TO DO SO LITTLE TIME!

1 comment:

  1. Your site looks awesome now!
    I'm with the people who'd like to see OUAT and Stakeout hosted . . . and Superhero, too, haha.