Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Interdimensional travelers

I tried to keep some of her attributes the same, since i liked them as kid.

Ruby is the head Priestess of the Akka tribe, which are a race of serpent people. The Akka worship the Jemite. This Jemite is said to have special powers, and is rumored to be the first piece of matter created in the universe. In the wrong hands the Jemite has the power to destroy the universe. King Lor desired to ultimate power and sought to use the jemite powers to fuel his empire. When King Lor stole the crystal from the shrine, the Jemite shattered and the pieces were scattered across the universe. King Lor now holds the largest pieces of the jem and is seeking to complete the Jemite once again to become even more powerful and rule the universe. Ruby possesses a piece of the Jemite and is the leader of a undergroud resistance against King Lor's army of drones and fights to return the Jemite to the shrine.

crystal is a angsty teenager from earth, who teleported to Nerrok by the power
of the crystal, she holds a shard of the heart of the jemite and is the newest member of
the Jemite Warriors. She plays a critical role in the resistance.

>_> i was really crazy about sailor moon at the time this was conceived hense why it's a girl warrior team line up

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