Sunday, June 19, 2011

memorable kids books

This one was the first stories that came to mind, i will never forget The Little Engine That Could, and the day i first heard this story, i remember it was the registration day for kindergarden. I remember feeling so overwhelmed by the story and the Little Engine's will power that I've never forgotten how he was able to do amazing things by putting his mind to it. I've really took that motto to heart, i think there for i am. That you can do anything if you think you can. Later i found it's suppose to be represent the American dream, but i never got that at all.

The Wump World is another one that really stuck with me. It's a story about a peaceful race of Wumps who live in beautiful planet only taking what they need. When one day aliens come to their planet looking for new resources because they used up all of their own resources. The aliens quickly move into the Wumps world forcing the Wumps underground because they are more technologically advanced, and destroy Wumps planet with pollution and waste, until the Wumps barley anything left. Finally the aliens use up all the resources on Wumps planet and leave it to find another host planet, leaving the Wumps with a destroyed home. Even tho the Wumps are sad about their broken planet there is hope at the end of the story because all is not lost when the sight of a single plant growing back after the destruction.

here's another page of the aliens moving into Wump world and taking it over.

It's just a really great story science fiction take on environmental issues. Really makes you think about how animals must think about how us humans treat the earth, and what we can do to not be like the aliens. GOOD STORY that's all i got to say i remember really loven the illustrations too!

The stone fox is a short novel i read when i was about 8, It's the best and saddest story ever. It's a great story about a 10 year old boy named willy and his dog searchlight. In the story the boy tries to save his grandfather's farm by entering in a dog sledding race to win a prize to help pay the taxes that his grandfather owes so that they can keep the farm. It is such an epic story and the boy goes through so much work to win this dog sled race, but the ending is so sad, i cried but it was a beautiful ending in it's own way. I DON'T EVEN WANT to spoil it for you.

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