Friday, June 17, 2011

some good stuff i've read

I bought a bunch of James Stokoe's Orc Stain the other day at the comic shop, i couldn't resist with half off GOOD COMICS?! I MEAN IT was a steal. Anyway I got all thus far except for 2 which they didn't have so I'll have to pick it up somewhere else. BUT damn is it the best comic I've read in a very long TIME! MAN i love his art and colors, the story is very unique and keeps me turning the pages with anticipation. One of my favorite things about his writing is how Stokoe makes up all these jibberish words for his orc society. I can't wait to see where he takes it next.

I'm always cruisen through the library reading books, and i rented this in the library and it was also damn good very good kinda horror suspense. the story really captivated me and i really liked the surreal aspects of the story. GOOD READ!

Another good one, that i read earlier this year, but is was soo good i couldn't put it down once i started reading it. The story was so complex and Neil Gaiman did a great job introducing things early on in the story and then going back to those elements and wrapping it up with a clever ending.

This one i wasn't expecting i would like, but i couldn't help but love the characters and what happened to them. Fun take on the superhero story.

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