Sunday, July 24, 2011


OH my god
go to this site and read the ghost stories!
there is so many!! and no two are the same!! THEy are freaky!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Ghost in the attic

Going to make a little story on ghosts, obviously when i make something i always look back at things i did to move forward, i did this short story in 2006 it was a submission a viper comics anthology that got rejected, It has its anatomical problems... but i do think the values are still good actually. I think this use to be on my DA, but i took it down a long time ago. I wrote this kinda based on a experience i had when i was young, but definatly i elaborated on it...the next comic will be short..but i want to do somthing different with ghosts..I want it to be scary. hmmm

I guess i'm brainstorming right now, Have any of you ever had any paranormal experiences? or believe in ghosts? I know i definatly do think they could be real, a spirit seems like a horrible thing to waste, but i also believe in reincarnation. I believe ghosts are souls that didn't transcend or feel they couldn't leave their past life behind for one reason or another. but i try not to think about them to much cause my imagination is too wild, and i will get scared! cause i definatly have times where i feel like i'm being watched. I think the idea of animals being aware of the paranormal is interesting or even people who have a six sense. I dont really know where i'm going to start this time. I'm going to have to researching to get some ideas...

these videos are scarY!!!!

Ghosts, Spirits, and
Ghosts, Spirits, & Demons
Ghosts, Spirits, and Demons
Ghosts, Spirits, and Demons

Cartooning Class

So i meet this really nice lady named Nancy, and we got to start talking and she told me she taught a cartooning class to 3-4th graders. I got all excited and told her I draw comics, and she invited me to come to her class!

So today i went to her class, it was sooo fun!! I brought all my printed books i have, I didn't really know what to expect i had nothing prepared i thought that might talk a little, but i did like an hour and half presentation on comics! but it's easy for me just go on and on about comics. I was really surprised the kids were really interactive and ask me alot of questions. I showed them how to draw a basic face, and a little figure drawing. I explained some comic making process and how to get into comics. Even told them practice practice :D

I showed them the books i got published they liked them, Then i got to see them present their own single panel comics to the class, many of the students were really good and some of them were aspiring comic artists!!!

One kid drew the monkey cartoon i drew up on the overhead, and added a eye patch and made him a pirate monkey in a little boat that had a word bubble that said "FOR MONEYLAND" it was really funny and cute!! i loved it!!! he was really good he did a great job of copying my monkey but making it his own and even better than mine!

At the end the kids lined up to have me draw things for them. one girl asked me to draw a unicorn i was like YES! XD something i'm good at, some other kid asked me to do titanic! hahah i did that. I did a crocodile, a monkey, a horse, a dog, a eagle, a frog, a tank, a race car, and i drew so many more! they were really happy. then when class was over, Nancy said she had taught this class for many years but this was the first class where she had a real comic artist come to her class! i felt so special!!!!

It's things like this that make feel like YES i'm on the right path! i love comics and i dont want to stop!!!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2010 remake

I've got my whole career planed with comics i want to make before i die, but I've always planned Once upon a time would be the first big personal project that i would release. Last summer i made a couple pages trying to get back into the throw of things you can see that didn't work out. I had problems with trying to keep the intro kinda the same, but revise it...but to tell you the truth i love the intro of the original version so much so I don't think i can change it that much. i hate to do the same couple of intro pages, but i might have too.

I finished writing the story a couple months ago, I was going to let it simmer in my brain and before i pick it up. I FEEL DONE. GOD. I JUST CANT WRITE anymore ideas, i feel like I've been down every path with the story and the characters. I've changed it a million times, changed it again, drastically changing the main events...and thought about it some more... I guess I'm hell bent on making it epic, i don't want to just half ass throw it together, i don't want to be Disney. I want to do something completely different with the genre.

Looking back at my first script was written in 2004. YEAH. the story is 7 years in the making already, that is mess up when i think about it but dammit i had to research and read or see EVERY fairytale story ever made before i could say yes mine is up there with them, and worthy of being made. I think its time to shit or get off the pot with this one. I want to move past OUAT, and make other stuff i got lined up :3... awww i live in a fantasy world in my head... how wish i could never leave...bah anyway My goal is to make issue one next year, this year i have a lot of anthologies mini comics I'm scheming to do till the end of this year. I think by then I'll be tired of doing mini stories and ready to take on something more involved then a couple of pages.


Turn it up!!!!!!
Lisa - Rocket to your



Divine - Shoot Your

Mino - Nez En L'

Bobby O - The O

April - Boys Come And

Ferrara - Love

The Flirts -


Moar on my playlist XD every song i just wanna rock the fuck out!

i've never had blonde hair before, but since i cut my hair off, I could actually dye it again without doing weird things. It's kinda of light brown ash blonde, it looks darker in this picture than in real life.

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karate CHOP!!!

I can't help myself I'm really happy with how this is coming out!

mm i love zoom lines...>_>


Hey guys, thanks for the kind support in the last post. It really means alot to me, thank you. I'm sorry i haven't shown my face in awhile but its only because i've had my nose to the grind stone.

I know i showed the thumbnail for this page, heres some line art. almost done >3< I think after i'm done with his mini project, i some fun art some illustrations or something for awhile to cool down. I've been lacking in that area, I've really want to do some more realistic rendering, or digital painting.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I know i've been gone but i'm still doing stuff!!! Gahh i work slow i like to take my bitter sweet time and gruel over every little thing, then reflect about it somemore. XD i'm horrible then i realise i need to get shit done as time runs out then fuck i scramble my ass to finish things. it's the cycle of life for me.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

to the unknown

This whole computer stuff really threw a kink in my work, but my new computer is in the process of being built! I'm so excited! :D I'm collecting all the parts for it! My friend is going to help me build it!!!! IT'S GOING TO BE A SUPER PHOTOSHOP ART COMPUTER it's going to have so much space, my old hard drives were almost full, it's going to be so fast and super awesome! IT'S GOING BE BITCHENNNNNN I'm going to have to think of a new name for it. My first computer was called The Beast, cause it was 98 Compaq XD lol then there was Jorge the Sony, and Frankenstein Dr. Zoidberg....NOW the unknown... .I'll probably have it all done by the end of the weekend. I also got a new scanner :D so extra YAY!!!!!!!!

I went to a pony meet last weekend, it was awesome and dorky fun. The other pony girls were really cool and I spent too much money on things i didn't need but i got some fucken awesome ponies! I'll take some pictures of my pretties later ;o muhahahah