Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2010 remake

I've got my whole career planed with comics i want to make before i die, but I've always planned Once upon a time would be the first big personal project that i would release. Last summer i made a couple pages trying to get back into the throw of things you can see that didn't work out. I had problems with trying to keep the intro kinda the same, but revise it...but to tell you the truth i love the intro of the original version so much so I don't think i can change it that much. i hate to do the same couple of intro pages, but i might have too.

I finished writing the story a couple months ago, I was going to let it simmer in my brain and before i pick it up. I FEEL DONE. GOD. I JUST CANT WRITE anymore ideas, i feel like I've been down every path with the story and the characters. I've changed it a million times, changed it again, drastically changing the main events...and thought about it some more... I guess I'm hell bent on making it epic, i don't want to just half ass throw it together, i don't want to be Disney. I want to do something completely different with the genre.

Looking back at my first script was written in 2004. YEAH. the story is 7 years in the making already, that is mess up when i think about it but dammit i had to research and read or see EVERY fairytale story ever made before i could say yes mine is up there with them, and worthy of being made. I think its time to shit or get off the pot with this one. I want to move past OUAT, and make other stuff i got lined up :3... awww i live in a fantasy world in my head... how wish i could never leave...bah anyway My goal is to make issue one next year, this year i have a lot of anthologies mini comics I'm scheming to do till the end of this year. I think by then I'll be tired of doing mini stories and ready to take on something more involved then a couple of pages.

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