Friday, July 22, 2011

Cartooning Class

So i meet this really nice lady named Nancy, and we got to start talking and she told me she taught a cartooning class to 3-4th graders. I got all excited and told her I draw comics, and she invited me to come to her class!

So today i went to her class, it was sooo fun!! I brought all my printed books i have, I didn't really know what to expect i had nothing prepared i thought that might talk a little, but i did like an hour and half presentation on comics! but it's easy for me just go on and on about comics. I was really surprised the kids were really interactive and ask me alot of questions. I showed them how to draw a basic face, and a little figure drawing. I explained some comic making process and how to get into comics. Even told them practice practice :D

I showed them the books i got published they liked them, Then i got to see them present their own single panel comics to the class, many of the students were really good and some of them were aspiring comic artists!!!

One kid drew the monkey cartoon i drew up on the overhead, and added a eye patch and made him a pirate monkey in a little boat that had a word bubble that said "FOR MONEYLAND" it was really funny and cute!! i loved it!!! he was really good he did a great job of copying my monkey but making it his own and even better than mine!

At the end the kids lined up to have me draw things for them. one girl asked me to draw a unicorn i was like YES! XD something i'm good at, some other kid asked me to do titanic! hahah i did that. I did a crocodile, a monkey, a horse, a dog, a eagle, a frog, a tank, a race car, and i drew so many more! they were really happy. then when class was over, Nancy said she had taught this class for many years but this was the first class where she had a real comic artist come to her class! i felt so special!!!!

It's things like this that make feel like YES i'm on the right path! i love comics and i dont want to stop!!!!!

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