Friday, July 22, 2011

Ghost in the attic

Going to make a little story on ghosts, obviously when i make something i always look back at things i did to move forward, i did this short story in 2006 it was a submission a viper comics anthology that got rejected, It has its anatomical problems... but i do think the values are still good actually. I think this use to be on my DA, but i took it down a long time ago. I wrote this kinda based on a experience i had when i was young, but definatly i elaborated on it...the next comic will be short..but i want to do somthing different with ghosts..I want it to be scary. hmmm

I guess i'm brainstorming right now, Have any of you ever had any paranormal experiences? or believe in ghosts? I know i definatly do think they could be real, a spirit seems like a horrible thing to waste, but i also believe in reincarnation. I believe ghosts are souls that didn't transcend or feel they couldn't leave their past life behind for one reason or another. but i try not to think about them to much cause my imagination is too wild, and i will get scared! cause i definatly have times where i feel like i'm being watched. I think the idea of animals being aware of the paranormal is interesting or even people who have a six sense. I dont really know where i'm going to start this time. I'm going to have to researching to get some ideas...

these videos are scarY!!!!

Ghosts, Spirits, and
Ghosts, Spirits, & Demons
Ghosts, Spirits, and Demons
Ghosts, Spirits, and Demons


  1. I've definitely had weird experiences and believe in ghosts/spirits/demons/whatever. I've never seen anything but I've heard a lot. At the last house my family lived in (which was in the sticks, at the end of a dirt road, hahah) a number of weird things occurred.

    Sorry in advance, this is going to be kind of long, but hopefully helpful!

    Almost every night I would hear the kitchen cupboards doors slamming. I would stand uncertainly in the hallway and listen to it, being too much of a pussy to go investigate. I abandoned my room after seeing the door open on its own, and for like a year I slept with my sister in her room. One night we were up talking about guys we thought were hot and suddenly we started to hear this weird sound from the basement. It sounded like a mix between crazy cat meowing and a bed squeaking. We were so scared me woke up our dad and made him go down to check it out, but he saw nothing and dismissed it.

    I tried a number of times to get the guts to go back into my own room. One day I was just standing in there when I heard a distinctively male sigh behind me. No one was in that room but me and my Mom was the only other person home . . . More time passed and I finally did move back in. So one night I'm laying in my bed and I keep hearing this clicking noise. I thought it was my rat in her cage in the corner and tried my best to ignore it. Then I took a good look at her cage and noticed she was all curled up, asleep. My stomach turned and I looked down at the floor, where my cat Ninja was sitting by my bed, her head moving back and forth to the sounds of the chirp as she watched something underneath my bed. I leapt out of bed, a safe distance away from whatever it was, then dropped to the floor to see what it was. NOTHING WAS THERE.

    I also heard someone say 'hello' to me when I was alone in the basement playing Zelda. I heard another thing in the basement which was much more horrifying, because it was this like stereotypical demonic voice that said something I couldn't even understand. Before it happened the radio started crackling and I started feeling uncomfortable it was a totally cliche experience but that didn't stop me from being terrified!

    The scariest thing for me is definitely an incubus or anything supernatural with some kind of sexual component. Ughhh. Or anything that totally defies the laws of physics, like sometimes huge objects like dressers disappearing and being found somewhere else, where the only way to access it would be through an impossibly small space like an attic hatch door, and then reappearing in it's original place. That happened in one (supposedly true) account I read about.

    Those videos are scary! I used to watch them with my ex and make him explain everything away after haha.

  2. You have some really good stories! I dont know how you did it i'm a big chicken! I've only had one experience that i can remember when i was young my older sister was babysitting me and my two younger sisters with her friend and they had been playing with the ouji board. My littlest sister heleyna says she doesn't remember this event at all, and my other sister cristina said she remember running out of the house. When My oldest sister andrea tells the story she said that she had been playing with the board 3 nights in a row and on the second night lights starting turning off and on, and also the board spelt out unique, which at the time my sister did not know what it meant so she asked my mom what it meant and my mom got freaked out and hid the ouji board from her.
    So the next day my parents went off to work and she was baby sitting us again and obviously she wanted to play again so she found it and they started playing with it again. She said the board told her all sorts of stuff about the old west, about jessie james and sutff, and she looked up later and what all the information it had said to her and it was all true.

    Anyway. so they are playing with and wierd stuff starts happen and it gets really bad the lights start flickering and the radio keeps going off and on, we had a rocking chair and it started to rock on its own then what really freaked her out was the candle on the fire place lite on it's own, she grabed us and ran out of the house down to the neighbors to get help.

    even though i was youngI remeber the lights flickering and i rember mostly seeing the ghost even though my sister thinks i remember it wrong but i saw it. when the ghost lite the candle the smoke from the candle illuminated the figure and i could see a robed figure rockin in the chair. and i will never forget it.

    anyway so when we got to he neighbors house they weren't home so my sister's friend got this idea that if he chased it counter clock wise it would go away. so we went back to the house and he chased it out of the house. Later i found how that when it said who she was talking to the board spelt out SATAN. When my parents got home they found out and my mom burned the board that night and i've never played with one or nor have we ever owned one ever since.

  3. Okay that makes me so glad I've never seen anything (knock on wood). I think I'd be totally traumatized. I've never played with a Ouija board since my parents were super religious and didn't want us doing anything even remotely affiliated with the occult. Okay this is going to be long too, I can go on about this kind of stuff forever.

    I guess when we were little my mom would see weird shit around us. Once she saw a demon face looking into my brother's window, and when I asked her about it she said it looked totally cliche. At first she thought it was a mask so she looked outside but nothing was there. So she came back and started to pray and it faded.

    Uggh. I guess they still kept seeing shit because I remember my mom having a conversation with a friend, who claimed she had seen angels guarding her children, and my mom said she 'saw the opposite' around us. Overhearing that really bothered me and stayed with me for years.

    I distinctly remember having what I guess is 'ritualistic' Christian hah type stuff, like being anointed with oil. My parents also made us 'cleanse' the house which meant going through and tossing out anything that made us feel uncomfortable. (My parents aren't nearly as uptight now, looking back they sounded psychotic.)

    Almost every house we've lived in has some weird kind of stuff happen in it. I know a lot of other Christians who have like horror stories, missionaries especially (my parents were missionaries). I remember one couple talking about how they stayed at a place and could hear like screeching and wings flapping above their bed but they prayed and it went away . . .

    Some additional stories include us staying in this creepy house where something grabbed my sisters hair (there was nobody else in the room or even in that half of the house). At the same house as in my stories before, I used to hear what sounded like my parents arguing with my sister, but when I'd check they were all in bed asleep.

    I'm pretty sure my room was haunted. I definitely believe in residual energy and the previous owners of the house had a son who tried to commit suicide. I had his room, haha. The heavy atmosphere seemed to fade when I had the bright/ridiculous idea to write an old prayer on the wall (which was pretty creepy in itself: From the shadow by the fireplace and the shape on the hearth, from the Devil in the lone bush and the spirit lurking by the head of the bed, O Lord protect us all.) Whether it actually did anything or was just psychosomatic I'm not sure, but I definitely slept better.

    My first boyfriend supposedly sold his soul to the devil via a dream. I asked him what the devil looked like and he said a normal guy in a suit. As stupid as it all sounds I was still pretty horrified when I found out.

    My second one was a schizophrenic who occasionally gave off the worst vibes. They literally made me (and other people) feel sick and gave me panic attacks. I would have to get away from him for the feeling to fade, it was fucked. And he wasn't an evil person at all, just a bit of a know-it-all hah. He gave off some kind of strong electro-magnetic bologna, when he walked underneath street lights they'd flicker and he couldn't wear watches because he'd drain them. Anyway his mom used to play with Ouija boards all the time, and when he walked into the room the plachette would spin and go crazy until he'd come up and stop it. The creepiest thing about it was that it said that his name was Eight and he would kill god.

    I recently read this book called Michelle Remembers and even though I'm pretty positive it's a hoax it's scary stuff. Repressed memories, Satanic ritual abuse, meeting Satan, blah blah blah. I actually didn't finish it all because no matter how stupidly outrageous it got, it still gave me the creeps.

    I also think aliens are reeeaaaaaally scary but that's an entirely different matter.

  4. I love the feel of your b&w style in this. I've been a stealth fan of all your comics for a long time. Someday I hope to write something you might like enough to illustrate.