Saturday, August 27, 2011

Trip to Indiana to visit my sissy

My two sisters one of them got a sliver in her foot while my middle sister was trying to help. My youngest sister just being a big baby

a painting i made for middle sister's apartment
My youngest sisters mermaid drawings

a jewelry box i made for middle sister , i refurbished it and painted the yin yan koi fish on it

 more of my younger sister's drawings

My friend's make up i did on her

sister night out, lookn' good to go to the club

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

the working class

Society moves in a direction, the rise of the corporation and the fall of the individual, common man will be forced to work for wages they give us. With time we will be all inbred and there will be no races, and there will be no need to be different. Only the elite few are privileged enough to wear what they please. There will be no moving up the social ladder anymore you are either born into riches or you are a worker born to serve the mother rotation. Fuck our children each generation lives to satisfy themselves until the earth is collapses or social upheaval fights back.

already been done

think i'm going to have to cut my hair like this
mindless self indulgence-royally

corporation filith

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Excalibur Lives

I named my new computer Excalibur because it is epic! My friend help me build it and I spared no stops on this baby. I was like put me debt i dont care!! I even got a new scanner. OOO sparkley!! Frankenstein Dr. Zoidberg turned on a couple more times to say goodbye to me and let me copy my files over. It was very touching *sniff*

Friday, August 19, 2011

oh too much....make up

I had alot of free time to sketch and do make up while my computer was down...
I also found this today
be a bad boy for Auntie. terrylovesboobs.deviantart.
Smokin on the Dancefloor. Terrylovesboobs.deviantart.
lol I guess i've never thought it like that but i thought of this picture. I'd like to think i'm more classy but probably not hahah

Monday, August 8, 2011

RIP Dr. Zoidberg

My computer died today, I had been having prior problems with it not turning on right and crashing but I thought I fixed it. Today it was have problems turning on again, and then finally after many tries I got it to turn on, but it was only on for about 10 minutes then crashed and now wont boot up again. I'm so sad, I can't help but lose control of myself and cry like a little girl over my broken computer. Computer problems are really upsetting, stressful and cause me a lot of anxiety. I dont know what's wrong with it, and I think its something wrong with the video card but i'm not really computer is getting to be very old.
I dont know if my files are safe, and that very upsetting for me, my whole life is on there! I'm very connected to my computer to make my art, and browse the internet. Now i have to get money to buy new parts! i dont know what to do D: computers are expensive!!! I really need to get a whole new cause i dont know if i'll be able to get replacement parts for the one i have. I'm not rich damnit i'm a poor artist this makes me very sad. :(:(:( if you're wondering, i'm on my dads computer at the moment mourning over my loss. T_____T

Monday, August 1, 2011

closing in

Done to Neon Zoo-Closing in. doing a collaborative artistic response to Rik's O Album.
It will be a series of digital paintings when I'm done. We'll see how this goes! It's a very interesting project actually proposed by Rik. I'm excited to collaborate with a musician to draw inspiration from :D