Sunday, October 30, 2011


what a good movie why have I not seen it before? I love Stephen King's writing, my favorite has always been The Stand. Even tho we own Firestarter I've never seen it, it was buried in my dad's collection. We have over 900 moves it's easy to lose sight of a couple here and there. My dad went crazy buying when VHS and DVDs for a 1.00 to .25 cents when all the movie stories closed down. Firestarter is like X-men with the whole mutant/science experiment feeling but not all superhero'd, spandex up, and better. Drew Barrymore is so cute in that movie, and a pretty good child actor. I laughed when she burned everyone!!! Haha I love the people at the end who try to bring her down, you'd think after she gains the ability to burn up bullet before it hits her and kill you with fire bolts, someone would be like Fuck this job!!! I'm out!!! PEACEEEE!!! HAHAHA

I also couldn't help but think of this song the whole time....

Sunday, October 16, 2011


super cool artist guy Danno Klonowski interviewed me on 24 hr comic day Lutefisk Sushi Podcast episode 3: 24 Hour Comic Day 2011.podcast.
my interview is at 9:38, I will admit after listening to it later I sound kinda retarded. I will admit I was kinda sauced, but listen to the whole thing cause it's fun! haha

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Love Letter

I know I've shown clips of this short comic but never the whole thing it was going to go into a Love Anthology called Less than Three, but I don't know if that will happen. It seems like a shame for it to sit on my hard drive and if the anthology does happen I'll just make a new comic for it.

Love Letter is about break up feelings, vulnerability, transformations, and cleansing. I wrote the story when I was going through a rough period feeling like I was unable to speak in any other form. I wanted the feelings to be raw, and could belong to anyone. We all go through times in our life when we meet someone and they disappear causing us to change but we have to keep moving forward. I didn't really care if the message readable because it is personal. I wanted the character's voice to seem like thought, bordering love and hate. With the artwork my idea was to explore borderless panels and using objects as borders and how I could move the eye through the page without the box.

Monday, October 3, 2011


The Big Sexy Problem with Superheroines and Their 'Liberated Sexuality'.By: Laura interesting article, sub thought.. O_O why is catwoman wearing her pants when batman fucks her? Does she have a vagina zipper? XD THATS WHAT I WANNA KNOW

XDDD too bad it didn't last long because the bat has a limp dick XD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAhAHAAHAHAHAHAHUa;huk;hs;lkj

News. Xeric

Forese 24hr comic

i started mine at 11am and went till 1am i had to get up for work at 6 and worked all day, got home at 4 crashed fell asleep for 18 hrs woke up at 9 the next day. I think all that compound not sleeping enough hit me after that. I think next year i will make sure i dont have to work so i can do the whole 24 pages. I could've done it but instead i just made a short story. I just made it up as i went, i really didn't think about it too much from one page to another just went on what looked good at the time. I just kinda elborated on that garden spirit character i drew awhile ago. I think i was kinda influenced by trippy animation.

art cards

I went to the Minnesota center for book arts celebration of 24 hr comic day, i did 24 hr comic day last year but at my hosue which it was fun to do it with other people. I recieved these while i was at 24 hr comic day I tried to get everyone to draw one. I drew some for other people but unfortunatly i dont have those. some pretty good talent!