Sunday, October 30, 2011


what a good movie why have I not seen it before? I love Stephen King's writing, my favorite has always been The Stand. Even tho we own Firestarter I've never seen it, it was buried in my dad's collection. We have over 900 moves it's easy to lose sight of a couple here and there. My dad went crazy buying when VHS and DVDs for a 1.00 to .25 cents when all the movie stories closed down. Firestarter is like X-men with the whole mutant/science experiment feeling but not all superhero'd, spandex up, and better. Drew Barrymore is so cute in that movie, and a pretty good child actor. I laughed when she burned everyone!!! Haha I love the people at the end who try to bring her down, you'd think after she gains the ability to burn up bullet before it hits her and kill you with fire bolts, someone would be like Fuck this job!!! I'm out!!! PEACEEEE!!! HAHAHA

I also couldn't help but think of this song the whole time....

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  1. Ooo I'll hafta look into that one. My fav King movie is The Mist. Flipping fantastic. The creature designs are awesome and horrific.