Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I meet an old woman, i saw her artwork sittings on scanner it was really good water colors but the piece that stood out was a fresh winter waterfall landscape. but it was how she used this translucent paper that had wispy strings of line that dances acrossed it like a snow flurry. She had glued it to the painting, it was nice. Then I saw her with the painting so i walked up her and told her i thought it was really good and explained why. And then she started telling me how she was making them into holiday cards for her family, and that they meant even more to them because she was going blind from some illness that she suffered from.
She told me she would see things think that people weren't there and saw blotches. That she also was a porcelain painter and she always had a messy palette and everyone didn't know how she mixed colors. I told her that that doesn't matter as long as you can make colors. I think she was more conservative in her thoughts about art. I told her i was sorry to hear about her going blind, and i wished that she miraculously wouldn't go blind
I couldn't imagine what i would do if i went blind, my heart really went out to this lady cause i knew how much that would change your life. I thought about it and I told her that actually you could still paint, you could be an abstract artist. You would just know where the colors were you'd really have to imagine it in your mind to materialize it but i think that'd be pretty cool.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

wasting life

No drawings atm i'm working on a project which i've been showing clips here and there i'm almost done so when i get it done i'll post more of it but for now......
PONY COOKIES!!! my middle sister made a special care package for me she went through alot of work and love to make these, they are so beautiful! i could barley eat them cause they're way too cute! she sent me so many! they were really good!!!
YEAH this is the back of a HOT PINK jean jacket i got from the thrift store TOO BAD ASS this is the back design, It has sparkles and jems on it... we were meant to be together i love the wierd drawing!
make up

My mice they are sleepy, Pepper's like "Hey get thing outta my face, I'm trying to sleep here!" I've had the other two for awhile the brown one is Sandy and the black one is Mittens and the white one is Tink.
and finally i dyed my hair black boo ya