Thursday, December 29, 2011


a story in the work in progress... I love to draw and plan later sometimes. Planning before can be a drag i'll piece the art work together in a different way in the end i think
I'm kinda bummed, My tablet been acting funny I have an intous4, and when i fresh installed it it was fine so i dont know why it all of sudden is acting funny. Maybe cause i did start doing some paint chating and i updated the drivers to make it work better but after i did that it didn't work out as well i had hoped.
I've been researching the problem and it's something to do with windows7 being r-tarded. Everytime i went to use my tablet it' goes all crazy and over clicks opening screens i dont want and laying down a "water drop effect over my cursor" did alot of things to make it go away cause i couldn't really draw right, but finally i found that it's windows Tablet PC software that they included with running system that trips up the wacom drivers. So i went throught alot of yesterday trying get rid of it i had to turn off EVERYTHING connected to Tablet PC software
i mean now i got rid of the water droplet effect but tablet is really sensative maybe i have to mod the settings more. it's really annoying tho i spent alot of yesterday trying to smooth out the kinks. we will see i'm hoping to figure out what the deal is....>_>

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