Sunday, December 30, 2012


My new Once Upon A Time Anthology book came in the mail it looks so pretty!! :D
 I contributed a short story about the Lindorm king, i think the print quality is really great and margins look good. I'm happy! if you want one you can order it here!
 Here's another fun modern fairytale take on the damsel in distress knight in shining armor! 
Dream of Angus By Patrick McEvoy & O. Pelàez
 The whole book is filled with fun illustrations, I really liked the ending to this tale.
The Snow Child By Owen Heitmann & Sarah Milne
 This Hansel and Gretel was hands down my favorite comic in the book, the artwork blew me away. The witch's design kinda reminds me of Spirted away, which the large head, big nose, but so classic at the same time. So it's very it's own. I also really loved how they overlapped the panels on the forest motif on ever page, really made you feel like your stuck in the forest with them. 
Just lovely pen work!
 The Last Temptation of Hansel and Gretel By Tony Minkowsky and Line Olssen

Oh man! I stumbled onto this today
Poharex a web comic defiantly worth checking out, i love the fun use of colored pencils. It really adds to the charm of the story, I get the feeling that person loved to play with dinosaur toys as a kid.

Saturday, December 29, 2012


Izzie :0 playing with her hair and design
I LOVE THIS COMIC, been a fan for a long time!!!

Modern Talking-100
Too perfect :) he says unicorn XD