Friday, February 3, 2012

convention haul

Granted i got these awhile back haven't had time to show them off, this is a mini anthology i got for twincitieszine fest fun size book it's 4.25 by 5.5 and has alot of good european artists in it. The one i noted was Michael Deforge. Really good book tho, they had others in the series and i would love to buy more later so i can have them all.

When i saw this one i had to have it, it was a little more spendy but i think this book is out of print and it was signed by Junko even tho she wasn't there! I always wanted to read this one cause it's a retelling of a classic tale and i had to see what junko was going to do with it, and i will say she doesn't let you down. She defiantly did a great job giving a old story a new hip twist. Very good read.

And I was surpised to see Jordyn E. Bochon at Mix as well cause she's from Canada! So i had to get something from her too i'm a fan of her webcomic , check it out she's good! i like her fun style. I like how on the cover the red is hand colored in.
Britney Sabo's book, it was nice to meet her in person at MIX. She's a really down to earth nice gal and talented too! she signed it for me :)
This book i picked up at MiX as well i just thought it looked good and it was! It's published by sparkplug comics, i never heard of this artist before i got this but it's Julia Gfrorer. She's good I would get more of her books this book has nice style and a catching story. I recommend it.

This i picked up a zinefest, just another random buy that i thought looked good
it's printed by Ka-blam and I love the heavy noir style with the rice farmers. Visually it's very intense. Circus Season is by Kate Stewart. Good stuff!