Monday, April 9, 2012


Ghost girl
I dreamt I was living in this new house with these other composite people, they seemed close to me, they were younger like roomates. We were living in a house with no furnature, only a couple pieces in one room. But the other people complained of ghostly experiences in the house, someone had seen clothes standing in corners but no body. other people had felt an other worldly experience. So I was afarid to stay in a room alone, I remember getting stuck in one room even tho it was day out I felt something was watching me so I ran to find the others, when i did i tried to stay with them, then finally I was staying in the living room were the 2 big brown couches were there in the room there was bay windows. It was the middle of the day. I had fallen asleep there. While I was sleeping someone had taken my covers off i sat up thinking it was the ghost and pulled them over my head and convinced myself there was no such thing when I looked up through the blanket to see a shadow standing over me looming. then I started to get freaked out I screamed for the other people, when the the dream shifted I was in the basement I could see the ghost girls body, she was 9 or 12 victorian dress, her eyes had rotted out and her skin was grey and old. I was standing in front of her body but the angle I saw it from was from behind out of body, there was a snake that lived in her body and was coming to get me but I didnt notice in my phsyical body it was too intense and I woke up, thinking the ghost girl was real, but quickly realized it was a dream.

Lost people
I had a dream that I signed on to aol, which i haven't signed on in aol forever. Anyway all these people I had known were on at the same time and thats when i get a message from this person I haven't talked to in a long time, they said I was foolish for being so rash, and that they were sorry and signed off but I couldn't accept it, cause I still felt silenced and was having a hard time believing what they had to say I wanted to reply but I couldn't. I got so mad at everything they and what they had done, I closed the window in my dream cause i wanted to get rid of the message, then I regreted it and when I couldn't remember what they had said. I wished that I hadn't closed the window cause it felt like i was able to talk them then it was gone. Im my dream i had to wrestle with that feeling when I woke up thinking i really had talked to them but then i realized it was only a dream.

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