Sunday, May 27, 2012


I had a stressful dream about loosing my teeth. My dream started out feeling my back tooth and noticing it was loose i kept using my tongue to wiggle it. I remember wondering why my tooth was loose, I was worried but I kept telling myself just don't touch it but I couldn't resist. When I would close my mouth I could feel the loose tooth. When I went to the mirror to inspect my mouth, my tooth fell into my hands! I was shocked but soon I noticed more of my teeth were loose and it started a domino effect and my teeth started falling out like glass on the floor. I remember them falling out in chunks and I kept going back to mirror in shock, I remember feeling so worried like "Oh no what am I going to do, I'm going to have to go the dentist, good thing I have the day off today." My mouth looked awful and it was so upsetting I was about in tears I went to my mom and said "Mom why are all my teeth falling out?" but she didn't seem to care, as she just sat leisurely on the couch, never bothering to get up. So I kept running back to the mirror it was soo intense i woke up whining like a puppy and wiggling trying to shake the dream. It was so realistic I thought I really had lost my teeth and had to check I was so relieved to find it was a dream.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

avengers review and thoughts

I went it and saw it because i wanted to know what the huff was about, i wasn't excited for it before i went because i was unhappy with how they were going to protray the enemy I didn't know what to expect, cause I've never read any of the avengers comics prior. But Marvel spent all these other movies Thor, Iron man, and Captain America building up to the Avengers movie, introducing each character with such care....then Samuel Jackson in the end, plotting the idea of the avengers in our minds, so why not think ahead marvel? (yes potting they did some with tony stark and his dad) but no marvel doesn't plot the seed of a greater evil, power. So that bothered me i wanted to see an enemy that would actually FUCK THEM UP!  i mean it's Hulk, Iron man, Thor, Captain America psh please. By the way their movies build them up WHO COULD STOP THEM? So i was wondering who the enemy was going to be? That was my first huff, in my mind a hero can only be as powerful as his strongest emeny , so i went into this movie thinking all the superhero's were over powered, so WHAT COULD marvel possibly cook up with in one movie that could be so "evil"?

Loki of course, which i wanna say Loki was really wimpy, so emo skinny angry white boy, i couldn't take him seriously as something the avengers had to unite for, come on Thor wop him with your thunder stick, your a god, I feel like that title should give you more power than someone like Captain America who is just a superhuman enhanced. call me old fashion  but i think marvel does a poor job with the Thor and Norse mythology, I MEAN the vikings would roll over in their graves knowing their god! had to have his buddies help him beat his puney brother, which HE HAS ALREADY BEATEN ONCE PRIOR! pft.

I thought it would've been cool to at first lead the audience to think he was the bad guy then hard switch to someone else, but it never happened. I wanted Loki to have a change of heart and like help them out. hahah

To a certain degree, i feel like this movie should've been called Thor 2 because it really just continued where Thor had left off, with the exception of Captain America rip van winkle his way in there. Everyone else convenient same universe. I thought made Thor seemed too weak cause he couldn't beat his brother all by himself T_T.

Hulk was just like the comedy relief, i laughed when Captian America said "hulk you go smash things"! or whatever hahaha but now that i think about it how does Captain America know about hulk wasn't he asleep during hulk's creation? prior the whole movie hulk was going crazy when he went to hulk, and then all of sudden he takes orders from Captain America. -__- what is it you crazy or not? just have him have a breakthrough MAYBE HE CAN CONTROL it..

At one point in the theatre myself and others laughed really loud when hulk smashed Loki like a rag doll i mean, he was weak, a laughing stalk enemy, WHY didn't Hulk do that in the beginning of the movie then it would've been alot shorter. I like the idea of the aliens from space but the aliens were poorly represented i wanted them to have their own language, but they just mumbled randomness that meant nothing, and were easy push overs, they were like the silly putties in power rangers, tools!! they were just punching bags for the superheros, an easy victory! I think the movie would have been really cool to make the main bad guy be the alien commander in the beginning but THEY NEVER used him again in the ending, he seemed more intense then Loki when he threatened him, but i didnt' really see him resurge, at least that i remember,...use him instead of Loki. I felt like why did they go with Loki's as the bad guy again? he was a pawn character and we've seen that before in Thor, why watch it again??

It was kinda long i had to pee multiple times and every time i came back i was able to figure out what was going on, and i guessed they beat the enemy in the beginning of the movie and they did. Kept running to the concession stand for snacks, popcorn was good. my friend and i got nachos, WHY DO THEY SELL NACHOS AT THE MOVIE THEATER? yes they are good lol!!! it's like the loudest food ever, you have like open this plastic bag and it crumples so loud, and then munch on chips. then they give you too many chips and not enuff cheeseeeee. when I noticed how loud it was, eating them i started laughing so hard but trying not too at the same time then it made everything all the funnier, so i couldn't stop knowing everyone could hear me giggling in the back like a maniac. hahah there wasn't too many people in the theatre either.

I have little say about the spy characters, i thought they were unnecessary and stole the lime light from someone more important like a BAD GUY!. too many good guys and i thought they were too evenly powered with the superheros, i thought they should've been more human and weaker. MORE CONTRAST.

you could possiblely say what about the cube, aka the tesseract aye that was in captain america and thor,  i get the transformers and the marvel universemixed up why does the cube of energy look the same...technically use to made the transformer comics....i know in the captain america movie they dive into the Tesseract being harnessed as a weapon by red skull but then he gets consumed with it and that made sense to me at the end of captain america, it gets lost in the ocean but then tony stark is able to retrieve it no big deal, i dont see how tony can touch it but it instantly kills red skull :( SORRY BRO. then shield wants it so they can have the power against the aliens forces, shield should be evil. loki needs to to open the alien portal? Wasn't he locked in that cube??? i feel confused at the connection between tony starks energy and the cube related? i'm not sure.

I liked captain America the movie, in his own world of WW2 he's a cool character and the red skull is pretty good nemesis, i liked that movie and the sadness that he went through by sleeping through into the future, i wish they would've addressed the emotional side a bit more into the avengers movie. ANYWAY what do i know?!


realm and viator for strawberry

mental throw up

what did you say?

Talked at a panel I was invited to talk at back in 2010 for a panel about Minnesota comic book artists at Rain Taxi Book festival, i laughed cause of course i'd be drinking a coke, damn you coke!! i want one right now! Good article and coverage props to Danno Klonowski another MN comic artist, for writing it.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

german shepard

I dreamt I was in a river searching for german shepards but I couldn't pull them up from the bottom. The dream shifted to a post apocalyptic world, in New York, the city was a havoc everything was crumbling, it featured a young girl with red brown hair, her face was round, she was a slave of some guy with long black curly hair, in my dream women were second class citizens, men that did have women, kept them on chains like a dog, men kept women for breeding purposes to repopulate, but despite that the two seemed to love each other, He took her to some abandoned tea shop, everything was messy and there was no lights inside of buildings everything was dark, I assume cause there was no electricity and there was very little people. She ordered jungle tea because someone said it was good, I remember what it tasted like when she drank it was clear like water, tasted like apple juice and was cold like a sweet tea. When they stepped outside into an abandoned arena and some guy jumped from the bleachers on the guy and crushed him with his belly knocking him out and stealing the girl. He took her to some alley where he forced himself on her but she didn't seem to mind cause it turned her on, she went along with it to get away from him, so she somehow convinced him she had aids so we he would wear a condom, cause she was afraid of getting pregnant hahaha then i drifted out of that dream into between sleeping and reality then finally opened my eyes to the clock

Sunday, May 13, 2012

void witch

STAY UP ALL NIGHT!!! Woo!!!!!!!

I had a dream the other day where I made a webcam video of me ranting in front of my computer about just random stuff and i posted on my blog, and I remember in the dream like waking up the next morning and watching the video again thinking myself OMG I gotta take this down i look crazy! Why did i post this!? Then as i'm watching i'm doing all this weird stuff waving my arms around and i dont have any make up on. So i start worring in the dream how many people have watched this video, then i woke up and i was so glad i didnt post a video like that. HAHA what a nightmare hahah

Saturday, May 5, 2012

dreams of so fragile

I dreamed I went to this baseball game with all these composite people, people I knew in the dream but couldn't remember their faces, they were old friends. We went to this game were everyone gathered and sat around the playing field on the grass, I rallied our group of people to go and vandalize. The dream shifted and I was in someone's house that we broke into. People scattered every where, I was smashing and stealing things in the house. I remember being ruthless and going through the house there was this one room that was white and with lots of stuff but there was a refrigerator box in the center of the room, I was playing in. Elli was there and I kept calling for her but she kept running away and exploring places sniffing things. Then I started to worry that we would be found so i wanted to get out of there, I chased her around to catch her, but i had to juggle her and a sledge hammer I had been carrying and using but I didn't want to put it down because it was my weapon and evidence.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Cathy Petch wrote a really nice review on her website Lipstik Indie Reviews about Love Buzz. Thank you, it's nice to read something encouraging I hadn't seen this one till now she did a good job talking about the book.

Going to slow down on posting for awhile, which is boo but the Internet is distracting. I'm really excited to make a self published graphic novel and share it with everyone, so i hope it's entertaining! It's a big undertaking and i've giving alot of blood and sweat to bring it into the world, it requires a lot of sacrifices on my part. I have to finish it, or else i'll go crazy! I'm working on the thumbnails now i want to do the whole book before i started inking, so visually cement the beginning and end, I've alotted some time for the skeches and thumbnailing process probably till the end of this year or earlier whatever comes first. so this will be the year of doodles. I wish i worked faster, but it's important to make it with care. It's going to be a 13 issue/chapter story. I'll try to keep you guys posted on activity and sneak peaks and whatever else!