Saturday, May 5, 2012

dreams of so fragile

I dreamed I went to this baseball game with all these composite people, people I knew in the dream but couldn't remember their faces, they were old friends. We went to this game were everyone gathered and sat around the playing field on the grass, I rallied our group of people to go and vandalize. The dream shifted and I was in someone's house that we broke into. People scattered every where, I was smashing and stealing things in the house. I remember being ruthless and going through the house there was this one room that was white and with lots of stuff but there was a refrigerator box in the center of the room, I was playing in. Elli was there and I kept calling for her but she kept running away and exploring places sniffing things. Then I started to worry that we would be found so i wanted to get out of there, I chased her around to catch her, but i had to juggle her and a sledge hammer I had been carrying and using but I didn't want to put it down because it was my weapon and evidence.

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