Saturday, May 19, 2012

german shepard

I dreamt I was in a river searching for german shepards but I couldn't pull them up from the bottom. The dream shifted to a post apocalyptic world, in New York, the city was a havoc everything was crumbling, it featured a young girl with red brown hair, her face was round, she was a slave of some guy with long black curly hair, in my dream women were second class citizens, men that did have women, kept them on chains like a dog, men kept women for breeding purposes to repopulate, but despite that the two seemed to love each other, He took her to some abandoned tea shop, everything was messy and there was no lights inside of buildings everything was dark, I assume cause there was no electricity and there was very little people. She ordered jungle tea because someone said it was good, I remember what it tasted like when she drank it was clear like water, tasted like apple juice and was cold like a sweet tea. When they stepped outside into an abandoned arena and some guy jumped from the bleachers on the guy and crushed him with his belly knocking him out and stealing the girl. He took her to some alley where he forced himself on her but she didn't seem to mind cause it turned her on, she went along with it to get away from him, so she somehow convinced him she had aids so we he would wear a condom, cause she was afraid of getting pregnant hahaha then i drifted out of that dream into between sleeping and reality then finally opened my eyes to the clock

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