Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Cathy Petch wrote a really nice review on her website Lipstik Indie Reviews about Love Buzz. Thank you, it's nice to read something encouraging I hadn't seen this one till now she did a good job talking about the book.

Going to slow down on posting for awhile, which is boo but the Internet is distracting. I'm really excited to make a self published graphic novel and share it with everyone, so i hope it's entertaining! It's a big undertaking and i've giving alot of blood and sweat to bring it into the world, it requires a lot of sacrifices on my part. I have to finish it, or else i'll go crazy! I'm working on the thumbnails now i want to do the whole book before i started inking, so visually cement the beginning and end, I've alotted some time for the skeches and thumbnailing process probably till the end of this year or earlier whatever comes first. so this will be the year of doodles. I wish i worked faster, but it's important to make it with care. It's going to be a 13 issue/chapter story. I'll try to keep you guys posted on activity and sneak peaks and whatever else!

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