Sunday, May 27, 2012


I had a stressful dream about loosing my teeth. My dream started out feeling my back tooth and noticing it was loose i kept using my tongue to wiggle it. I remember wondering why my tooth was loose, I was worried but I kept telling myself just don't touch it but I couldn't resist. When I would close my mouth I could feel the loose tooth. When I went to the mirror to inspect my mouth, my tooth fell into my hands! I was shocked but soon I noticed more of my teeth were loose and it started a domino effect and my teeth started falling out like glass on the floor. I remember them falling out in chunks and I kept going back to mirror in shock, I remember feeling so worried like "Oh no what am I going to do, I'm going to have to go the dentist, good thing I have the day off today." My mouth looked awful and it was so upsetting I was about in tears I went to my mom and said "Mom why are all my teeth falling out?" but she didn't seem to care, as she just sat leisurely on the couch, never bothering to get up. So I kept running back to the mirror it was soo intense i woke up whining like a puppy and wiggling trying to shake the dream. It was so realistic I thought I really had lost my teeth and had to check I was so relieved to find it was a dream.


  1. I have a reoccurring dream where all my teeth fall out and fill my mouth completely until I have to spit them out like watermelon seeds. I can never spit them all out, though.

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  3. loosing teeth is like my worst nightmare. i had a dream similar to this minus the zombiesque mom on a couch. i looked it up once (LAWLZ) and apparently it means like feeling a lose of control or something anxiety related and completely normal for any normal stressed person.
    i always get scared to do cool activities cause i think im going to fall down and break some teeth yikessss.
    always a relief though to wake and and realize your dream horrors and staying in la la land <3