Friday, June 8, 2012

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


bring me to focus on the world
attention quivers to focus on your eyes
my body sweats uneasy
your whimper soothes me
it can be better, never locked in cages
fireflies swarm the brain, dancing twirling
cut copy
sick sad world what have you become?
winner, i try.
unaware of the air i breathe
take the negative away


dry pursed lips,
spilling warm dark ember
unsatisfied, dulling senses
turning to blood of god
stop turning thoughts around
aching with infection and distemper
my voice is silent to closed eyes
turning on heel over and over
never finding an ending
only skip to the beginning

let loose control
stop haunting me.
into the ocean i let you loose.
with a heavy weight of the mind,
miles below. Don't come back.

Pleasure and pain
nothing without each other

into light

suffering pays depts
sulking in a sweat, heated
salty skin, bloated faces
sinking into darker depths

Lair, lair, lair catch a wolf by the toe
Spoke too soon, no need for warning signs.
Ignorant trapped by holes in the ground.
Give you no more.

No breathe seeps the lungs,
Torn by metal and speed
Forget how to live,
The sun will dissolve all,
black river of death

Friday, June 1, 2012

Mini Comics day

Here's a news post on mini comics day showing the rest of the comics made and the artists working on their stuff, Mini Comics Day 2012 MN